James Bond 007 Game Blockbuster to Hit PS4 in 2015 / 2016?

PS4Home: "Believe it or not, various developers have been making 007 video games since the early 1980’s, of course the first real “hit” wasn’t scored until Rare released “Goldeneye: 007” for the Nintendo 64, but that’s another story altogether."

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-Foxtrot1137d ago (Edited 1137d ago )

It will probably be a crappy movie tie in game or a quickly made James Bond game like Bloodstone or Legends by a low quality studio.


Apparently Activision lost the rights to James Bond this there is still hope

porkChop1137d ago

Quantum of Solace was actually a great game. No driving though which really sucked.

mikeslemonade1137d ago

Exclusive.. I care

Multiplat.. I don't care

Randostar1137d ago

I just want another From Russia with love. I loved that game so damn much, that and NIGHTFIRE!

PoSTedUP1137d ago

yup, they both were great games, as well as quantum of solace said above. i liked tomorrow never dies on the ps1 a lot too.

SniperControl1136d ago

I loved Nightfire, great game.
I thought Bloodstone was good as well.

BlissSeeker1136d ago


Sonital1136d ago

Haha, Nightfire. All I remember is fighting with my brothers over who got Odd job with his lethal hat!

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AgentNema1221136d ago

I Think Quantum Of Solace And Bloodstone were great Bond games, Multiplayer was fun on QOS but not on Bloodstone but still both had great single player modes

robtion1136d ago

Agree Bloodstone was a really good game, was just missing bond girls. It felt like a sequel to Quantum of Solace(the movie) and was better than Skyfall which was over hyped and a disappointment.

Cam9771136d ago

Night fire remake pls.
Extremely similar to the
Original with new parts.

click4dylan1136d ago

Nightfire is being remade already at

Pintheshadows1136d ago

I quite liked Bloodstone. It was nothing special but it also wasn't bad.

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Relientk771137d ago

Hopefully! We need another good 007 game, it's sorta been awhile

Majin-vegeta1137d ago (Edited 1137d ago )

I wonder if it would possible to make one with all Bond characters and enemies he has faced .The only one I could see not being in their is Jaws as he recently passed away :/

-Foxtrot1137d ago

Legends could of done that if developed better but it was Daniel Craig featured in other films.....wasnt right in my opinion

SniperControl1136d ago

I actually met Richard Kiel years ago, one of the nicest guys you will ever meet. True legend.

Rimeskeem1137d ago

If Sony backs it up i can see this being a good game

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