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Slant Magazine - The Crew's greatest achievement is its vast, beautifully rendered condensation of the United States. Dozens of major cities, landmarks, hills, valleys, backroads are all represented, and the game's current-gen horsepower gives us a sense of scale unlike anything we've ever seen. It's all open world, all of it is driveable, and there's dozens of great cars, all customizable with multiple variants specialized for different terrain. Had The Crew stopped there, we would be comparing it favorably to Need For Speed: Most Wanted.

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realplayer821318d ago

I used gamefly to get this because well Ubisoft. Anyways my biggest complaint is the handling of the vehicles. Other than that the game isn't all bad,the takedown missions do need to be tweaked also the rubberbanding ai. I know ai is hard to program and maybe they will patch it in. The game does have it's moments I would say rent it before you buy it.

showtimefolks1318d ago

I know it's a new IP and UBI is doing something brand new but this is sort of getting ridiculous. First watch dogs than Unity and now crew. Nothing they are releasing is up to their true potential

I hope for better with rainbow six and the division

andron6661318d ago

Why is this game online only? Not that it matters because it looks boring and bland for the most part...

crazychris41241318d ago

They need to fix the major problems with this game immediately. Servers are constantly going down when you are in the middle of the race so you lose your progress. The rubberbanding especially in chases is beyond insanity. Ill lose the cops and all of a sudden they will drive at light speed and catch up to me. They will also spawn right in front of you. I have never seen chases proogrammed this poorly. Hit detection when ramming cars is bugged. Ive slammed into cars but it will only do 1 damage while other times ive tapped them n do 10 dmg.

The game is fun but these problems make me pull out my hair. Completely ruins the game.

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