Bigfoot Found In The Crew

Deep in the woods of the Southern/Northern Cascades, the legendary beast known as Bigfoot can be found.

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Relientk771171d ago

That's so ridiculous lol

Pyro2000x1170d ago

Big Foot lol would be my only reason for buying this game LOL

TWB1170d ago

Almost makes me want to buy the game.
For some reason my first impressions were that this game was all about on-the-road racing but this looks like more free and fun.

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uth111170d ago

some of the races are off-road. I believe you can drive anywhere on the map whether there are roads or not!

I agree, the amount of hate for this game is ridiculous. I think it's a lot of fun.

Kingdomcome2471170d ago

Oh boy... Bigfoot is a more likely find than a pre-release review score for an Ubi game these days.

uth111170d ago

This video is obviously a hoax! I can clearly see the zipper ;)

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