Reasons why the PS4 is Destined to be the best Console Ever

PS4Home: "Just a few years ago the notion of Sony releasing another console that might become popular enough to overtake the fabled PS2 seemed like just another pipe dream, little more than wishful thinking."

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Abash1321d ago

PlayStation Experience just showed that the PS4 is going to have a huge variety of software, and this is only the very beginning still. It'll definitely have an amazing gaming library

ShugaCane1321d ago

While it's definitely shaping to be a memorable hardware, that is still not an objective statement coming from a site called ""

However, UC 4, Bloodborne : for now it seems that the PS4 has all the cards in hand to define 2015.

Army_of_Darkness1321d ago

Uncharted 4,blood borne & the order 1886 alone got 2015 locked for the ps4. Who knows what else will release next year to even further heighten the ps4 :-D

remixx1161321d ago

Add persona, until dawn, mlb 2015, no mans sky, street fighter V, rime and a bunch of other jrpgs and indies and your good to go.

Lots of variety.

Mr_cheese1321d ago

For me personally, the event was and odd one I must admit.

Everything opened well with big punches being thrown (UC4) and the games literally just kept coming. Drawn to Death and Gang Beasts are must, as is fat princess!

My only disappointment is that there wasn't any major unexpected AAA game announced or anything Morpheus related in the keynote. Really wanted to see this Guerilla Games IP and the other Sony first parties. I think the silver lining is that there are a shed load of unnannounced high profile exclusives waiting to be revealed next year.

zeee1321d ago (Edited 1321d ago )

I think the event was fantastic but where does that leave E3? I think, E3 will lose its charm in the next couple of years. It won't be the "IT" event for MS, Nintendo and Sony. Instead, they'll do it on their own terms, on their own events dedicated to respective brands.

Don't get me wrong, I don't think E3 is doing to die. I am sure Sony will show something cool/new come E3 2015. That new GG IP is still not announced. Perhaps more third party exclusives? Lets not forget Morpheus !

One thing is for sure. Sony wanted to hype us heading into 2015 and they have certainly achieved that. To quote Anthony Hopkins, "Jolly good show!".

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen1321d ago

"Reasons why the PS4 is Destined to be the best Console Ever"

Actually, there's only one reason...

Sony has always offered the largest and most diverse library of games to choose from, and after PSX, it is quite clear that this generation will be no different.

freshslicepizza1321d ago (Edited 1321d ago )

sony did their homework on the ps4. developer friendly, open with indies, price is right, most powerful console, a rich history of supporting it with exclusives that are diverse and sell well all over the world.

if there is any negatives about it its not much. maybe they could improve the network which they say they are and they now charge to play online multiplayer but its closest competitor does too. so not much going against it and we also have morpheus coming but sony is slow to make any hard news when we'll see it on shelves. plus they need to market it much better than they did with the move controller.

nintendo will come out swinging in a couple of years with a new console but once again it will come mid-term to the other systems. so i dont see it being much of a threat unless they have another new idea like the wii that takes the world by storm.

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SoapShoes1321d ago (Edited 1321d ago )

Yeah I was really happy with the event. Uncharted was awesome and a big jump from U2/3 gameplay-wise while keeping it undoubtedly Uncharted. Overall lots of good exclusives revealed and freaking two hours of games! First half of 2015 has some big hitters: MLB 15, Bloodbourne, The Order, Ratchet and Clank, Kingdom Under Fire II, Planetside 2, etc.

Fastest selling console of all time, that will ensure more exclusives coming our way too.

Hamzaali1321d ago

totally agree with abash

MasterCornholio1321d ago

My predictions were games games games and I was right.


Plus OMFG Day of the Tentacle. Thank you Tim and Sony.

CaptainObvious8781321d ago

I know there was a lot of hype surrounding the event, but I kept my expectations in check.

Boy was I wrong, the event was fantastic. It's times like these I love eating crow.

frezhblunts1321d ago

Yeah it must be still early because I have a ps4 and it doesn't feel like the best console ever lol. It is a fun console to have I use it for shooters and watching netflix and hulu

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Relientk771321d ago (Edited 1321d ago )

Right now I say that honor goes to either PS1 or PS2 (my opinion)

but years down the road, after more games hit the PS4, it's possible

slutface1321d ago

I can't wait for next psx event ! Please make this a yearly convention !

Majin-vegeta1321d ago

I think it is.I mean Layden mentioned it at the beginning of the show.Then said "Oops" and smiled.

SoapShoes1321d ago

I really like Layden he seems 100% bonafide gamer!

slutface1321d ago

TBH i prefer adam boyes as the main spokesperson in the conference. he has more personality and seems more apporachable than layden....i dunno just my preference hehe.

Rimeskeem1321d ago

At the beginning of the keynote, Layden said something along these lines

'welcome to the first ANNUAL PSX'

KwietStorm1321d ago

Pretty sure he said inaugural, but that's kinda in line with the same thing as 'first annual.'

George Sears1321d ago

Would be pretty sweet if Sony does this every year to hype all upcoming games. Judging by this one so far, reception has been pretty positive.

LOGICWINS1321d ago

Yeah, that wouldn't surprise me. Ive been gaming since the SNES/Genesis days. I've owned every Playstation gaming device with the exception of the Vita and I don't remember having this many games to look forward to so early on in a consoles lifecycle.

Next year my top three games are Persona 5, Witcher 3, and Kingdom Come: Deliverance!

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