Phil Spencer: "Xbox fans Will Have a Fun 2015"; Praises PSX Event and Talks About Sony SFV Deal

Microsoft was missing from The Game Awards 2014 event where Sony had a small presence and teased some games.

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jrshankill1323d ago (Edited 1323d ago )

In Phil we Trust.

"I didn't see ship dates on everything in PSX but I know what our plan is and I think XBOX fans will have a fun 2015."

Couldn't have said it better.

thorstein1323d ago

And why wouldn't they. I love my PS4, but I certainly am not so stupid as to think XBone owners aren't enjoying their system.

I am also not so stupid to think that Sony and Microsoft don't often work together in many parts of the media world.

NatureOfLogic_1323d ago (Edited 1323d ago )

Phil Spencer: "Please be excited!"

It's funny that Xbox fans are be told to wait for greatness now.

darthv721323d ago

^good things come to those that wait.

And while they are waiting they can play the great releases available so far.

Pogmathoin1323d ago (Edited 1323d ago )

I think he was saying that greatness will continue, not come eventually.... Something you would get if you had an X1.... However, nothing has me more excited than No mans sky..... Brings me back to the first time I played Elite....

Sardonump has 5 bubbles. Something is very wrong.

Guitarded.... True gamer, well said.... Though I will skip Nintendo from now on...... They need to move forward, stop living from old classics.... Or maybe I just moved on....

guitarded771323d ago

I don't care which system(s) you own and/or <3 the most. 2015 is gonna kick ass for everyone.


^ You gotta own all three for the full experience.

tbone5671323d ago

Sony is forced to make drastic decisions because they are bleeding billions of dollars at the moment. right now they are going through one of their worst hacks in history right now. Playstation is one of the only things they have left besides their insurance division. Sony is gonna need more than Street Fighter to save them.

GameNameFame1323d ago (Edited 1323d ago )

""I didn't see ship dates on everything in PSX but I know what our plan is and I think XBOX fans will have a fun 2015."

Yes. didnt have exact date but said 2015. Phil and X1 fans are just hoping that those games dont come out in 2015?

First, by saying that you are already acknowledging that PS4 beat 2015 line and hoping you dont see all those games in 2015. LOOL

Sorry most devs did say 2015.

LOL. That is damage control at best.


Sony just hand investor conference saying that they will spend even MORE on gaming devision. Focus shift from TV and Smartphones to PS4.

LOL. sorry to burst your bubble.

remixx1161323d ago


Wow dude you are a pitiful fanboy

Sony had a great showing and yet for some reason your still clinging to the idea of them failing and you try to make yourself feel better about not having a ps4 by saying "bankruptcy", its stupid to try and talk yourself outta something you know you would enjoy. Just shut up please.

Your main man Phil said sony is doing great, why can't you just swallow your pride and admit its a great console with a BRIGHT future.

BeefCurtains1323d ago

We are all gonna get some great gaming next year! Maybe both platforms will get so much love we can all stop hating on eachother in the comments section.

Just maybe....

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen1323d ago (Edited 1323d ago )


"Sony is forced to make drastic decisions because they are bleeding billions of dollars at the moment. right now they are going through one of their worst hacks in history right now. Playstation is one of the only things they have left besides their insurance division."

You say Sony is bleeding billions of dollars, but the only forecast a loss of about 1 billion dollars for fiscal year 2014. Sony Pictures isn't bleeding money, Sony Entertainment isn't bleeding money, Sony Financial isn't bleeding money, and the Playstation division isn't bleeding money. The statement that you made in response to the SF5 news is amusing though. I'm sure that everyone can see the saltiness in your tears. Did you see PSX yesterday? Did you see what Sony has in store for 2015? Do you know that the PlayStation 4 now has at least 30 CONSOLE EXCLUSIVES scheduled for release in 2015 including ULTRA SF4 and SF5? Look on the bright side, at least you'll have Rise Of The Tomb Raider, TEMPORARILY.

Mr Pumblechook1323d ago

"I didn't see ship dates on everything in PSX" That's actually being negative about the competition. Keep it classy Phil.

mikeslemonade1323d ago (Edited 1323d ago )

X1 fans will have fun playing from behind with their close-minded U.S. sales.

"I don't care which system(s) you own and/or <3 the most. 2015 is gonna kick ass for everyone.


^ You gotta own all three for the full experience."

Halo is not a must-play game anymore.

fr0sty1322d ago (Edited 1322d ago )

"I am also not so stupid to think that Sony and Microsoft don't often work together in many parts of the media world."

Those Blu-Rays you love to watch on your PS3 and PS4 often use Microsoft's VC1 codec. Your PS3 can decode Windows Media Audio files (WMA). They collaborate all the time. Sony gets a fee for every Xbox's DVD capability via royalties from licensing. CD and Blu-Ray as well.

KarmaV121322d ago

"Halo is not a must play game anymore"
Do you think we don't know who you are? Taking every opportunity to, well, I think you know. Grow up

RedDevils1322d ago

@darthv72 you mean like when you're taking a dump LOL

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Blastoise1323d ago

"Xbox fans will have a fun 2015"

Yeah, he really has a way with words. Move over Martin Luther King. -.-

Naga1323d ago (Edited 1323d ago )

Right, let's make fun of him because he didn't resort to hyperbole like every other talking head in the gaming industry... That makes so much sense.


insomnium21323d ago

Oh come on! Finally MS has someone at the helm of the xbox who is actually a cheerfull guy who doesn't trashtalk competition all the time so cut him some slack. I for one am pretty happy I don't have to get pissed off at everything MS says or does these days.

SardoNumspa1323d ago

Yes, 'Phil'...

The guy who just blew 2 billion dollars on the Fing Minecraft developer.


No one should be shocked that the PS4 is 8 million units ahead of the Xbox One in worldwide sales with that clown in charge of the Xbox One.

The Xbox One 2015 lineup is so barren Microsoft should start using the Meat Puppet's Tumblin' Tumbleweeds in their commercials:

DLConspiracy1323d ago (Edited 1323d ago )

Can't we stop acting like children now? I think it's getting really old. When you get older you will understand this console war is stupid. Until then please try... to understand.

IF you don't care about Xbox then stop talking about it. Tired of tearing the community apart for the sake of a corporation. Neither care about us. They care about our wallets.

radler1323d ago

The PS4 2015 lineup looks pretty barren as well, lol.

Lenrulesdaworld1323d ago

1st he didn't buy minecraft, the ceo of micosoft satya nadella bought the company, along with all the rights to minecraft and future ips. 2nd all that money will be recouped from ps, xb, pc, ios, winphone, android and vita. Plus movies, toys and education meaning this is bigger than xbox. Research is important for future reference.....

SoapShoes1323d ago

How can Radler even be agreed with? Really? PS4 has a very good lineup Q1 2015...

radler1323d ago

Yeah I'm sure games like The Order and Until Dawn will be smash hit 10/10 games, and not at all disappointing...

Xbox_Z_best1323d ago (Edited 1323d ago )

Oh so you wanna play this scoring game eh radler?

So yeah, tell me some of those 10/10 xbox games?
GTFO. Ps4 has way too many games for 2015.
Xbone can't even compete lol. Try harder!
I am also sure SCREAMRIDE will be getting 10/10. Lmao. Garbage game. Same with ori.

Harold_Finch1323d ago (Edited 1323d ago )


Haha i don't think those twonks ARE children. I hope they are but if they are adults, the future looks bleak.

badz1491323d ago (Edited 1323d ago )

was here for the good sport considering Phil's comment but you're just degrading his messages. if 10/10 is all you care about, you must be pretty happy Halo MCC got 10s all over the place and the game works great! oh wait...

halfblackcanadian1323d ago

Anyone know lifetime PS4 Japanese sales? I wonder because Xbox will never sell those numbers there. I'm curious the overall effect.

Sharky2311323d ago

Dude I love sony but your comment is just dumb! Phil Spencer is a decent guy! I feel like he genuinely loves games, hence the turn around at Xbox.

qwerty6761323d ago

and this right here folks is a classic fanboy who spews nonsense and is unable to think objectively.

SlapHappyJesus1323d ago

You honestly offered nothing but unneeded jabs and baseless ranting.


remixx1161323d ago


I think its funny you tried to pick out the two worst ps4 games you could think of, and the sad thing is both those games look pretty good.

If those were the worst games you could think of in sonys huge 2015 lineup, then dang next year is gonna be fire.

TheMeatPuppet0071323d ago

Hey SardoNumspa- What's wrong with that song?

feedthereaper1323d ago

Yeah, such a shocking decision to buy Minecraft rights! A waste of total money......

Until 2016 and some "Minecraft The Movie" comes out and it recoups around 40-50% of that outlay in just 3 months BEFORE all the merchandise they can sell off the back of it and the surge in game sales too!

Minecraft = Lego, and they aren't doing too shabby in the great scheme of things!

KarmaV121322d ago

Why don't you thank him for allowing you to keep Minecraft on your "Godly" platform.

Stormbringer11111322d ago

The Xbox division is bleeding money right now. I doubt that a MS shareholder, who only cares about a return on his investment, is going to look at 2 1/2 billion dollars spent on on a game as something completely separate from Xbox. Xbox doesn't have a limitless amount of money spend, and the minecraft purchase had to of eaten into some of their investment money (that could have been spent on exclusives). This could be why we're not seeing any new game announcements coming from Xbox.

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Magicite1323d ago

not first half of 2015 though.

FlameHawk1323d ago

Never first half, Microsoft only seems to release their big titles in the holidays. Not sure how people can stand that, I personally like it spread out.

CaptainObvious8781323d ago

Shhhh. We don't mention obvious, inconvenient facts like that around here.

lifeisgamesok1323d ago

Microsoft games often tend to have great replay value and that helps between releases

Also we don't know what MS has for next year that isn't announced already but MS is very confident in their 2015

ninsigma1323d ago


And where are they going to announce those games?? Pretty sure the next event is E3 which isn't until summer. Reinforcing the idea that there isn't much for the first half of the year from xbox. Which is a shame because I like going between consoles when their next big exclusive comes out.

DigitalRaptor1323d ago (Edited 1323d ago )

@ lifeisgamesok

That sounds like damage control to me.

Yep. It is damage control, and it's embarrassing. Give it up dude.

It's hilarious that I've been pushing the fact that MS has nothing substantial in the first 6 months of 2015, and people called me out for it, said I was lying and "how could I possibly know?". Where else are they going to announce pre-June games before E3 (in June)?

Now everyone else is starting to take notice too. I hope the disgusting folks calling PS4 the indiestation or having no games, will now react the same way for their own beloved piece of plastic.

I wonder if Septic will get his staff at GameOnDaily to write an article about the hypocrisy. Otherwise isn't that really, really hypocritical?

shadyiswin1323d ago

microsoft has nothing for the first half of 2015,sony has nothing for 2013 and 2014.....Bloodborne looks dumb,the order will be a graphics showcase in the lines of driveclub. I would much rather have more than i can handle around xmas when all the sales are going on then to have nothing at xmas then a game in march..... Last we got titanfall in march :D . youre big three are bloodborne,the order and uncharted. Which dont hold a candle to quantum break,halo 5 and tomb raider. Any one of those games will be better than sonys big 3. I have yet to even finish forza 5,let alone forza horizon 2,will go back for collectibles on sunset overdrive,havent even got through halo 1 yet and thats just the exclusives,need to finish nba 2k15,madden15,watchdogs and those crappy indies. basically i have more than enough to hold me over till mortal kombat x or even quantum break. That sony experience was a joke and i called. Idiots on this site thought they were going to get titanfall 2 lololololololol last guardian! lololololololol complete blind dumb sheep. You got what i said you'd get half ass gameplay trailers. E3 will be more of the same,idk how people are actually excited to own a ps4,the future looks painfully predictable and boring.

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colonel1791323d ago

There might not have been ship dates, but wasn't everything shown confirmed for 2015? (Maybe except SFV and David Jaffe's game)

Kingdomcome2471323d ago

I think people are misconstruing that as a jab by Phil. I truly believe he was genuinely just saying he wasn't fully aware of Sony's release schedule, but that he was confident about the Xbox's 15' lineup either way.

MasterCornholio1323d ago (Edited 1323d ago )

Most of those games looked like they would come out in 2015. Even Sony said that most of them would. But I kind of understand where Phil is going with that. However the same could be said about a lot of games that they showed at E3.

Illusive_Man1323d ago

All I know is For all the talk about UC4 being a graphical juggernaut and PS4 having 50% more power I wasn't all that impressed and actually think Quantum Break has superior graphics.

BiggerBoss1323d ago

Quantum Break does NOT have better graphics AT ALL imo, and Uncharted is still only pre alpha.

OT: im glad Phil is level headed and can respond maturely to twitter trolls. I dread to think of how Greenburg would have handled it lol

MRMagoo1231323d ago

Wow really an xbone fanboy that thinks a ps4 exclusive doesn't look as good as an xbone exclusive, I am shocked! /s

Next you will be saying you like xbone more than ps4 that would also totally be a shock /s

colonel1791323d ago

I follow up the comment from BiggerBoss. I remember that Killzone 2 was shown in pre-alpha and I used to read the forums where Seb posted advancements on the game and explained things. The improvements made from Pre-Alpha to retail were incredibly huge, specially in graphics and animations. Knowing Naughty Dog, they will make it look much better, however, they do have a bad example which was Uncharted 3 which actually felt downgraded from what was shown (only in some areas, like when Chloe was in the bus)

slappy5081323d ago

All I can say to this is each to their own, but enjoy Quantam Break in it;s 900p awesomeness

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DoubleYourDose1323d ago

"In Phil we Trust"? Very original.

christocolus1323d ago (Edited 1323d ago )

This guy is the best thing to ever happen to xbox .

Eddie201011323d ago (Edited 1323d ago )

Why does Phil comment on Sony and Playstation so much and why are so many articles about him commenting on Sony and Playstation. Why does he think he is the go to guy on Playstation analysis, why do journalist always ask him about things pertaining to Sony and Playstation. Seems their is always a public forum for him to comment on Sony and Playstation.

The Playstation and Nintendo head honchos refrain from giving analysis on the competition and stick mostly to commenting on their own products.

Seems like every week he gives some kind of commentary on whatever is going on with Playstation. Haven't seen very much of him commenting on Nintendo, oh that wright Nintendo isn't six million (worldwide) ahead of them.

k3rn3ll1323d ago

He's always answering questions that are asked of him no matter who they are about. Even then they are almost always in the dorm of Congratulations towards Sony and Nintendo for a accomplishment they acheived.

Also the only time Sony comments on Xbox is with a jab of some sort. Like when Shuhei said Phil was the only human being at Xbox when they promoted him. There are other moments like this. It's kind of a little nerve wracking how disrespectful Sony can be at times towards MS. But hey they are 2 competing companies so not too suprising

imt5581323d ago (Edited 1323d ago )

Phil Spencer :

Business deals happen. We won't do all of them. When we have a 1st party franchise in a genre I'd rather invest in ours.

LOL! What about TR???

IrishSt0ner1323d ago

Xbox doesn't have an action/adventure 1st Party IP, so they bought TR. Where they do have 1st Party (in this case Killer Instinct) they concentrate there instead... Can't you read the very quote you pasted?

avengers19781322d ago

But we all know TR is a timed exclusive

Unarmed_Civilian1323d ago

Lets see what MS has for the first half of the year.

Blues and Bullets

wow ,impresive...

NOW lets look at PS4 list
-Order 1886
-MLB 2015
-Ratchet and clank
-Deep Down
-The Tommorow children
-Disgaea 5

Oh sooo disappointing...

avengers19781322d ago

And what are the release dates for XB1s most anticipated games, oh that's right there aren't any.

otherZinc1322d ago

Phil, we're good. Anything on top of Quantum Break, Tomb Raider, & Halo 5 + Halo Movies, is icing on the cake.

Halo 5 offering Campaign Co-op is what I'm looking forward to most, after I beat it on Legendary.

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-Foxtrot1323d ago

"Business deals happen. We won't do all of them. When we have a 1st party franchise in a genre I'd rather invest in ours."

Is he serious?

Halo - First Person Shooter

Titanfall - First Person Shooter

State of Decay - Third Person Zombie Game

Dead Rising 3 - Third Person Zombie Game

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slate911323d ago

You are such a haaaatttteeerrrr LOL

DanzoSAMA1323d ago

in 2015 = Scalebound, Quantum break, Tomb raider, Forza 6, Fable, GOW collection, Scream ride, HALO 5, Inside, Ori and the Blind Forest ..etc..

-Foxtrot1323d ago

Urm...thank you for listing the games we all know about coming up in 2015

I think you took my comment the wrong way. I'm not saying they have "no games". I never once said that

What I'm trying to point out is that Phil said he wouldn't buy third party exclusives in a genre if they already have one themselves.

For example Titanfall...but they have Halo

Dead Rising 3 but they have State of Decay which could turn into a AAA retail game

That's what I'm talking about, not that they "don't have any games".

JMyers1323d ago

Ummm Wut?

GOW Collection announced? So Indies count as games now on X1? TR is fully exclusive or timed? GOW has a release year?