Top 7 Best Video Game Villains of 2014

Here is the list of top 7 best video games villains of 2014.

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Dreaming-Art1235d ago

My favorite Pegan Min. If the player chooses to let Pagan Min escape, it is unknown where he goes. One theory is that he retires in China and rebuilds his criminal empire. Another theory is he chose to hide in an undisclosed and isolated location

boyi1235d ago

The original Pagan Min was the ninth king of the Konbaung dynasty of Burma and ruled in the 19th century, though he killed his brothers to gain the throne, not his father (as the developers mistakenly claim here.The name "Pagan" or "Bagan" also refers to a kingdom and the capital city of that kingdom that existed in modern-day Burma between the 9th and 13th centuries.

Hamzaali1235d ago

Umbra, Queen of the Night is worst villain ever :p so why you add you in your list , please check your list once you post it :/

jasminlenovo1235d ago

lol , villain is villain , they are not hero and they are not make to impress people but they are make to create problems for the hero of the game , got it?

Hamzaali1235d ago

i think you dont understand what i am saying

skhawar1235d ago

Tell me just one Thing.. How can be the villains are best?

Gamingchange1235d ago

yes villains can be best due to Work art graphics etc.. because they are villains in games not in real life

Metallox1235d ago

They are praising their characters, personality and else.

jasminlenovo1235d ago

Jonathan Irons – Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare is one of my best villains in the gaming world , yeah i know he is not perfect at all but i like him much as a villian

Metallox1235d ago

Umbra is too friggin superficial and the final boss isn't that good either.

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