Uncharted 4: A Thief's End PSX Demo Analysis

Scott Russell writes: "This is what we've all been waiting for; finally, a proper look at Naughty Dog's next game, Uncharted 4: A Thief's End. But does it live up to the immense expectation riding upon its shoulders? You're damn right it does. Kicking off Sony's PlayStation Experience Keynote was the premiere of a fifteen minute gameplay demo that showcases all of the things that we love about Uncharted: action, laughs and adventure, as well as some new features that build on the series' awesome formula."

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THC CELL1349d ago

Love how the Ai talk to each other and as u move they lose track of u

UbiquitousClam1349d ago

Summary of the demo - Phwoar!!

That about does it for me .

WeirdShroom1349d ago

It's nice to see a Tomb Raider ripoff really become something sorta special. And so pretty, because that matters more than anything else.

OB1Biker1349d ago

lol that 'analysis' left me speechless.. Maybe you need some coffee or something ;)

LonDonE1349d ago Show
Agheil1349d ago

Have you seen the latest Tombraider games ? They've become an uncharted ripoff....

Mechanism1349d ago

The irony is horrendous.. Tomb Raider rip off? Have you seen how hard modern Tomb Raider rips off Uncharted? Infact.. Many games do.

The MS fans are really doing well at proving they are the joke of the industry.

Bathyj1349d ago (Edited 1349d ago )

The funny thing is, uncharted never really had anything in common with Tombraider, other than the fact they were both treasure hunters. The gameplay was never even similar.

The Last Tombraider however tried so hard to be like Uncharted, naughty Dog must have been really flattered.

And yeah, it looks pretty. I'm more excited about how much fun it looked to play

WeirdShroom1349d ago

and the games were built around exploring, shooting and platforming. I bet you think Crash Bandicoot isn't a Mario and Sonic ripoff too. AH, Sony boys. You never change.

Spotie1349d ago

I wonder why it is that obvious trolling like this rarely ever gets marked; does it have to be blatant stupidity to get noticed?

Uncharted is a ripoff in that it shares themes with Tomb Raider, yet those themes are shared with Tomb Raider, not stolen; both games are inspired by Indiana Jones. Yes, I'd consider arguably the most acclaimed franchise of the last generation to be "sorta special," too.

And we all know Uncharted has no substance of any kind; it's just a pretty franchise. That's what all the accolades and sales are about. /s

Seriously, who can't tell this is trolling? Yet some accounts are built on comments like these.

MasterCornholio1349d ago

Naughty Dog sets the standard. Tomb Raider followed so it could be a better game.

Theres nothing wrong with that.


P.S I enjoyed Tomb Raider a ton on my PS4. But I have to admit that I enjoyed it because it was cinematic like Uncharted.

geddesmond1349d ago

ROFLMAO. The only thing the old tomb raider gamers had in common with UC was both games have a story about finding hidden treasure. Thats like saying volleyball is a rip off of tennis because they both use a ball and net.

Now the new tomb raider games are a total rip off of uncharted. If you said Indiana Jones films I would probably have a tiny bit of respect for you for seeing the truth but your comment just screams wah I'm so jealous Sony has this for PS4 wah.

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