Killing Floor 2 on PS4 is Not “Some After-Thought Port”, Says Dev

Junkie Monkeys: Killing Floor 2 is heading to the PlayStation 4 and PC in the future, and Tripwire Interactive‘s own V.P., Alan Wilson, has recently given his 2 cents on development for the game.

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pedrof931018d ago (Edited 1018d ago )


ashen1221018d ago

sweet I smiled watching this trailer the game looks like a ton of fun just shooting stuff

MasterCornholio1018d ago

This game looks like a lot of fun.

solar1018d ago

the first one was a great time with friends mate. The gameplay was pretty terrible but it led to tons of laughs and tons of griefing. I'm excited for the sequel!!

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen1018d ago

Reminds me of Doom and Shadow Warrior. PlayStation is bringing the hotness...

madara0sama1015d ago

Add split screen to PS4 and I am sold. If not then it's PC for me. Hyped nevertheless.