​One Little Thing I Really Like About Far Cry 4 On PC

Kotaku: Far Cry 4's PC version looks nice and runs decently enough (well, depending), but one thing I really like about it is less easy to notice: The game supports on-screen prompts for both Xbox and PS4 controllers.

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oIITSBIIo1318d ago

Playing FPS with controller is like using your feet to eat .

anticlimax1318d ago

We used to say the same thing about playing Fifa (a long time ago). These days, most shooters are simply designed to play with a controller, and thus pretty enjoyable that way.

Razputin1318d ago

For the fact that PC guys want to complain about people using controllers is ridiculous. Don't stoop down to the console guy's complaining like a female dog.

PC is all about freedom. Some people like to use controllers and they can, so they will. No one is telling or forcing you to use one.

Some games do feel a lot smoother on a controller as compared to m+k.

I love my m+k, but some games like some 3rd person shooters, action adventure games, nearly any 3rd person game, fighting, and driving games will work a lot better with a controller for the simple fact of the analog sticks. Even some FPS games work well with a controller too. Not all but some.