Uncharted 4 PSX Gameplay Running At 1080p, Stable 30FPS: "It's Still In Pre-Alpha Stage"

At PlayStation Experience event, Naughty Dog showed the first official gameplay of the next installment in Uncharted franchise, Uncharted 4: A Thief's End. The demo was running in real-time on PlayStation 4. Now via PlayStation Blog, Naughty Dog's Eric Monacelli has clarified some interesting new details about what the demo that was showcased at the event.

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Relientk771102d ago

It looks pretty damn awesome for being in Pre-Alpha

Cupid_Viper_31102d ago

In Pre_Alpha stage and in my opinion it is already the most beautiful game I have seen on next gen consoles so far.

But truth be told, this FACT of the game footage being Pre-Alpha is not going to matter or stop any of the haters.

Just stop to think for second here, a gameplay footage is revealed and minutes later the game is being attacked by a group of people who have no intention on playing the game.

That is just pure hate right there. And no, it doesn't matter which camp does it.

Naughty Dog have never failed to hit their targets, and I have absolutely NO REASON to doubt them, and no amount of how sh!t slinging is going to change my mind about it.

So carry on people.

radler1102d ago

When I first started watching the gameplay footage I thought it looked underwhelming as well. That cave interior looked no better than the exact same locations we saw in Uncharted 3, so I can understand why people would think, "Really? That's it?"

When Drake got outside however, I was really impressed. To be honest though, that could just be because I love jungle environments, but I was excited by what I saw. I also like that the level design seems to be less linear now, which was a huge problem for past Naughty Dog games, which essentially funneled you down one corridor to the next setpiece like Call of Duty.

It looks like they're really opening up the level design with UC4 though, which is the main thing I wanted to see in a new entry in this franchise. So between this and Bloodborne, I think Sony will just about scrape through 2015 with a couple of decent exclusives.

Svinya1102d ago

Kind of like people are hating on the Halo 5 beta because it's running at 720p, despite 343i saying it's obviously not the final resolution as the game is still a year away..

ABizzel11102d ago

@radler and everyone else

Stop watching it on your laptop, mobile, or computer screen. Go home, boot up your PS4 / XBO / hook your PC up to the best HDTV you have, and watch the 1080p YouTube footage, and tell me you still think the same.

It's night and day until the Twitch quality moment kick in.

Dee_911102d ago

.. I think the point of the trailer was to introduce drake brother. Isn't that exciting or am I the only one here who wasn't focused on the graphics? Its gotten to a point where just about every game released will look incredible. This nit picking and pixel counting is getting more and more annoying ... Funny i've been saying this since ryse trailer at e3.People are literally counting polygons and vertices now.Starting to remember why I stop coming here..

Army_of_Darkness1102d ago

When uncharted 4 is complete and releases with these graphics in 1080p and running at 60fps, all the nay sayers will still talk shit and say that it was graphically dumbed down to run at 60fps, blah, blah, blah....
And all I will say is.. . "Poor haters, it's like hating on a big juicy steak just because you refuse to merely pay a little more for it"

Lawboy21102d ago

Im so excited for this game

guyman1102d ago

I don't understand how you have so many disagrees, this is a very well said comment by @cupid_viper_3

remixx1161102d ago


Lol a "couple" decent exclusives.

Your weird dude get some sleep.

jb2271101d ago

Totally agree…it's in pre-alpha & the fanboys are already trying to scream downgrade…Meanwhile the Halo 5 beta is 720p & that's alright & excusable because it's a year from release. And they say the Tomb Raider/Street Fighter deal is bringing out hypocrisy….

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Forn1102d ago (Edited 1102d ago )

The game looks (and plays) incredibly, even this far away from release. It puts so many other games to shame and it's not even out yet. Anyone who says otherwise is a sad fool imo. Besides that Naughty Dog have absolutely nothing to prove to people based on their history as a studio. Can't freakin' wait to see more of Uncharted 4 leading up to release. It's already blowing my mind.

freshslicepizza1102d ago

looks very good and it seems to be less linear too. i really like the animations and the enemies seem smarter too. i think the reason some people are attacking its graphics is because of the early shots at e3 and some people raving about how powerful the ps4 is. sorry but this is a $400 game console, not a super computer. there's no way you can have a stable frame rate with those details and lighting within the game running free roam once you add enemies, physics and all that.

Forn1102d ago (Edited 1102d ago )

Omgoodness, the game looks every bit as as good as the E3 reveal smh. Are fanboys seriously that delusional? And look at The Order or Bloodborne as other examples of how amazing games can look on PS4. People are so funny.

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BX811102d ago

Does look good. I think it'll look pretty much the same at release. I wish more teams had the talent that ND does. Some good games to come this gen.

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KionicWarlord2221102d ago

Pre alpha calm yourselves.

Im sure the naughty gods will run it at a locked 60 fps at 4xaa of something.

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jobboy1102d ago

wasn't this supposed to be 60fps?

Thatguy-3101102d ago

They said they're aiming for it. They never said "yes we're doing 1080p and 60fps".

Jughead34161102d ago

PRE-ALPHA STAGE!!! This past E3, Bloodborne's framerate was said to be in the 20s. It's already a stable 30fps. Uncharted will improve too. Don't worry

Jughead34161102d ago

But saying the Uncharted 4 can't be 60FPS? How do you know? Don't think they would even attempt it if it wasn't possible.

larrysdirtydrawss1101d ago

not happening man,60fps compared to 30 takes a giant chunk of resources,games already beautiful and looks stable

crazysapertonight1102d ago

I think they will stop on 30fps. It is just a console, not a hight-end PC.. so such graphics with 60fps on ps4 - it will be miracle

Jughead34161102d ago

@crazysapertonight - 4 words that debunk what you just said. "THE LAST OF US."

GamingTruth1102d ago

well pc needs to show me these graphics in 60fps which it never will so moot point

Svinya1102d ago

Jughead - uncharted 4 will obviously look a lot better than Tlou...hence the 30fps

crazysapertonight1102d ago

@Jughead3416, lol, Uncharted 4 is way more better than Tlou in term of graphics.

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ShottyGibs1102d ago

Weren't all games this gen meant to be 60fps?

It's not naughty dogs fault the PS4 doesn't have enough horsepower. They'll make good with what they have. But 30fps in 2014 is pathetic.

JackVagina1102d ago

Even if PS4 was 2x more powerful, doesn't guarantee it would be 60

framerate is a developer choice. They could decide to further improve the graphics/effects/aa, yet again making 60fps impossible

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HaydenJameSmith1102d ago

Looks great, can't wait to play it...

Ghost_of_Tsushima1102d ago (Edited 1102d ago )

People have got so obsessed with 60fps they can't give it a break. Even if they don't hit the target who cares? The game looked amazing and it's in Pre-Alpha. The gameplay looks great and the A.I. was smart and interacted very well to the player.

NovusTerminus1102d ago

I play all my PC games at 60fps, and it's really nice.

But not a necessity, I am always more concerned about a STABLE 60 or 30, whichever a dev goes with so long as they can make it stable, I'm happy,

StrawberryDiesel4201102d ago

I agree but we all know Uncharted 4 at 1080p 60FPS > UC4 1080p 30FPS. Either way I absolutely love what was shown and I'm replaying chapters of UC2 right now because I'm so excited for this. Here's hoping it makes a late 2015 release rather than early 2016.

thereapersson1102d ago

With some games, 60fps changes the feel of the gameplay a bit. 30fps is preferable in some instances.

GamingTruth1102d ago


what uncharted 4 1080p 60fps version do we have to compare a 1080p 30fps uncharted to? the pc version

lol, to bad it doesn't exist and theres nothing near this to compare against to say something that looks like this could be on your 'so amazing' pcs

PygmelionHunter1102d ago

I could say the same about people obsessing over 1080p.

At least framerate does alter the experience dramatically.

In all honesty, I'd be okay if they decided to lower the game's resolution in order to achieve a locked or really stable 60fps. The game looks amazing already anyway.

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