Ryu and Chun-Li square off in Street Fighter V gameplay trailer

Japanese man and Chinese woman project energy openly in city streets, film at 11:00.

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Software_Lover1318d ago

Looks like SFIV but PC frame rate. The backgrounds look better.

Vandamme211318d ago

Game is looking awesome so far...I like how ryu look in this game.

Lightning Mr Bubbles1318d ago

I'm just not a fan of this funky cartoon style that Street Fighter adapted. I just can't take the franchise serious like this.

Agent_hitman1318d ago

Chun Li looks much better now and sexier compared to the last one.

NegativeCreep4271318d ago (Edited 1318d ago )

Watch out or GamerGate is coming to get ya!!!

Edit: I'm going along with what David Jaffe said today before he unveiled Drawn to Death. He said something like: "Yeah in this new game you can manhandle your enemies with interesting weapons...err I mean "Woman"handle...I don't want GamerGate to f*cking come after me..."

ThisJarContainsTHC1318d ago

Don't you mean anti-gamergate? gamergate doesn't get offended by sexy fictional women.

GokuSolosAll1318d ago

Doesn't look better enough. Just better version of SF4.

Majin-vegeta1318d ago

Yes cuz it's the Final version they;re shipping....

JimmyDM901318d ago

Looks like they put most of the new processing power into particle effects.

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The story is too old to be commented.