DriveClub and compatible racing wheel get discounted in new deals

DriveClub and the compatible Thrustmaster T80 RS racing wheel are currently discounted on Amazon.

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Tinglebob1319d ago

How about a compatible multiplayer that doesn't kick you out after every race if your lucky enough to get into a multiplayer race, that would be a major breakthrough for this game

jasminlenovo1319d ago

yeah i am totally agree with you

Khronikos1319d ago

LOL. The multiplayer has been working near perfect for ages. You kids are hilarious. Upgrade your internet.

badz1491319d ago

yeah, I don't know what are these talks about MP issues anymore LOL. clearly trolling. not only that they already fixed the MP, the challenge mode is also already online. I just Platinum the game last night but I'm still playing for the challenges and not to forget the upcoming weather update.

there are still at least 4 more expansion DLCs in the making too. Japan can't come soon enough.

VonBraunschweigg1318d ago

Rubbish wheel is rubbish.

Give us back our Logitechs!