PlayStation 4 20th Anniversary Edition Sells Out Online In Less Than Two Hours

Although they went on sale just over an hour ago, the PlayStation 4 20th Anniversary Edition has already sold out.

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ValKilmer1290d ago

Ugh, Ive wasted two hours of my life. And I'm not talking about the PlayStation Experience Keynote.

-Foxtrot1290d ago (Edited 1290d ago )

Better then wasting a week thinking you have at least a chance of buying one when it's just a US thing. Despite being made to believe by them that it was for your region aswell.

ValKilmer1290d ago

Wait, were they not available in Europe?

-Foxtrot1290d ago


Checked the Europe Sony store and nothing, been looking around their blog, nothing has been said. Even checked other retailers....nothing

LightDiego1290d ago (Edited 1290d ago )

Damn, Europe should get the edition too, nevertheless, Europe still receives a lot of great stuffs for gaming, here in my country is a complete joke, it's difficult to find on stores now games like Dragon Age: Inquisition, for example.
Glad that internet saves me.
OT: I would buy this edition, it's beautiful.

badz1491290d ago

there is always eBay. but get ready for the onslaught of insane prices.

back on topic, so, this is another 12,300 unit sold in just 2 hours. PS4 is killing it!

Army_of_Darkness1290d ago

I would so buy one if I didn't have a ps4 already... Hopefully they make these babies again in a few years ;-)

SmielmaN1290d ago (Edited 1290d ago )

Wasn't available to be shipped to Canada either. I had one, registered through paypal, already at checkout process and then get told they can't process it because they won't ship to my region. It took me about 20-25 mins to get through without errors. I was pissed. Have to wait for next week for our Canadian release. It better not be available to the USA! Lol. Fack

breakpad1290d ago (Edited 1290d ago )

they recovered the expenses of the PS Experience in just two days ...nice move

Sashamaz1290d ago (Edited 1290d ago )

Us Europeans got screwed over, they had it on the blog, world wide bla bla 499 Euros but all that was just BS, Sony is full of nothing but lies. Sells the most in Europe, gives the limited edition to America, because who cares about the European market.

Instead of just being open and saying it's for America they lie so that they can get views on their stupid keynote, FU Shu Yoshida and I hope your company crashes and burns, from the looks of things, it look like that wish might just come true.

UKmilitia1290d ago

i wonder how many people have bought these just to ebay them for triple price too

mikeslemonade1290d ago (Edited 1290d ago )

This sku is lame though. All it is the color. Black and White still look better than grey. Would be cooler if they actually changed the enclosure to make it look like the orginal PS1. The orginal PS1 is about the same size as the PS4.

And then have the original boot screen. That boot screen is 2nd best to the original 360 boot screen.

donthate1290d ago (Edited 1290d ago )

I wasted a wee thinking I had a chance of buying one too despite being in the US.

Sony again gave me an awful taste in my mouth.

ANIALATOR1361289d ago (Edited 1289d ago )

That just seems wrong. Especially when Playstation Access was making all those videos about it.

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GameDev11290d ago

Damn, I knew I should have waited, white PS4 still satisfaction enough

badz1491290d ago

I have the standard black one bought on launch day. to satisfy my craving for different colours, I tone it down to DS4 instead of the console itself. now I have black, red and blue. white and silver (if the make it available) will be next.

ValKilmer1290d ago

Sorry for the double comment, but I'm actually really pissed off about this. I feel like Sony announced this thing and had no idea what to do with it.

I mean, they said it was available at the PlayStation Experience, but it turns out they only had like 100 of them there and randomly gave the chance to people in line to buy them.

Then they say it goes online and they totally screw it up and people who added it to their cart in seconds get looked over for those who did 30 mins after.

And finally, they never even made them available to other countries?

You know what, I'm glad I didn't get one, because Sony has killed my nostalgia for the PlayStation with this debacle.

GameDev11290d ago (Edited 1290d ago )

I dont think they random at PSX, you have to have a certain gold band at PSX to get it is what I saw on twitter

Odd that online works that way, it should be first come first serve

Hopefully they increase the limited numbers and bring it to Europe

badz1491290d ago

increasing the supposedly "limited" numbers will make it even less limited but yeah, 20k consoles would make more sense considering it's the 20th anniversary edition. but I think they made 12,300 units 1st and then will increase it to 20k later on and make it available in other countries too.

2pacalypsenow1290d ago

Online releases are the same for any popular item i know from buying Air Jordan . Its not sony's fault the website crashes its the amount of traffic all at once

Eonjay1290d ago

^This. I mean there is no such thing as first come first serve when millions of people show up at once.

jjonez181290d ago (Edited 1290d ago )

Cheer up pal,
There were only 13,000 of them made.
Your not the only who missed the chance to snag one.
Maybe there'll be a 25th anniversary edition?
This time honoring the PS2's design with a PS4 slim model.

metatronx1290d ago

Its like you are raging about not getting it.

SmielmaN1290d ago

I wouldn't say it killed my desire for one. It's still super sweet. It would have helped to know I wouldn't be able to get one yet. My only takeaway is that I was in within 25 mins and these sold out in a little over a hour. Should bode well for my chances next weekend.

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swishersweets200311290d ago

If you really want a 20th anniversary ps4, just take a black ps4 apart, paint it grey. Take your controller apart, paint it grey. Get a colored home button off ebay for your controller..

jjonez181290d ago (Edited 1290d ago )

20th Anniversary PS4 Special DIY Edition

Brilliant. Much better than paying 499$ or 2x-3x that from scalpers.

swishersweets200311290d ago

some person paid $15,000 on ebay for one. :o

jjonez181290d ago


I should have added a couple zeros to that 20x-30x lol.

jjonez181290d ago

The regular PS4 probably sells that much on average.
A limited edition console with only about 13000 units was bound to go fast.

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