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Coming back from the treacherous reaches of space and a friendly jaunt through the Sprixie Kingdom, Captain Toad is back in the puzzle game Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker and this time he’s center stage.

In regular Super Mario Bros. fashion, Treasure Tracker has just enough of a plot to tie together a world and a reason to venture through it. The game opens up with a playable scene as Captain Toad, Indiana Jones-incarnate, is just about to grab a star with his friend Toadette when suddenly Wingo – a villain that would’ve fit perfectly in the US Super Mario Bros. 2 – shows up to grab the treasure and Toadette along with it. It’s a cute introduction and not much else, but it does a nice job of setting the tone for the game and even getting the player acquainted with the controls. The rest of the game plays out in “episodes” with little cutscenes here and there to remind you that Capt. Toad and his team are capable connoisseurs of crisis.

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