Street Fighter V Gameplay Trailer: There's Something For Everyone

Castle Geek-Skull speculates over the highlighted game mechanics from Street Fighter V's first gameplay trailer.

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jrshankill1201d ago

What? It looks the same as Street Fighter IV.

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen1201d ago

That's just a trailer. The game isn't even in an Alpha stage yet.

hay1200d ago (Edited 1200d ago )

It doesn't. It looks re-skinned. Particles are sweet, but rest of the game looks like it's built on higher resolution assets when they were making SF4 with some Dead or Alive inspired features like breakable walls or cinematic camera changes(I know SF4 had moving camera, but it was executed poorly). Ryu's kimono looks exactly the same as in the SF4 rendered teaser.
Animations seem to be only of higher fidelity which makes an illusion that hit boxes do not connect as satisfyingly as they should. But it's still way too early to diagnose.

IMO, it appears to be the Street Fighter 4 I've been waiting for. But with number 5 in the title and generation late.

3-4-51200d ago

Need a Brand new Fighting game series with 30-50 new characters to rival these older ones.

It would pressure them to actually come up with some new characters instead of re-using the same ones in every game.

Game looks pretty good though.

Tinglebob1201d ago

It is street fighter IV but just with altered environments to make you think its a new game lol last gen looking the way those environments destruct look like something programmed on the ps2 ffs, even the game characters look last gen. Only hope for this game is some extreme brilliance of gameplay then graphics can be overlooked

pedrof931201d ago

If you put the video at 1080p, you can clearly see the high polygon characters and an enormous quantity of particles.

Tinglebob1201d ago

Def a game that could run easily on the ps3 and xbox 360 though with the same level of detail

WeirdShroom1201d ago

Nothing for me. I like the characters and mechanics are solid...I just suck far too bad at this particular game to ever waste my own dime on SF ever again. Koalas in the Rain...

Rimgal1201d ago (Edited 1201d ago )

Just guessing over here, what if this wasn't really street fighter 5? What if that this is tekken Vs street fighter. The art style of the stages look alot similar to the more realistic art of tekken. And it was Harada (head of the Tekken team) that accidentally leaked the trailer on Twitter yesterday morning.

Or maybe it's nothing, maybe i'm overthinking it.

pompombrum1201d ago

Lol, even by Ono's high trolling standards, that would be a god tier troll. The game looks like street fighter to me but at times in the gameplay definitely did remind me a little of Tekken. Still, I don't think anyone would troll people that badly, not live on PSX with thousands watching.

Rimgal1201d ago

Not saying this is the case, but you have to admit that would be pretty awesome. Namco's Tekken 7(mechanics), and Capcom's street fighter 5(visually) one can dream.

hay1200d ago (Edited 1200d ago )

I've also been wondering but in a bit different direction. This game looks like it's built from original SF4 assets before the mandatory optimization. Particles are exactly the same as the ones used in SF4 ink brush trailers. Which is really good, but it's the SF4 it should've been basically IMO.

Compare Ryu's model from this gameplay, and SF4 prerendered teaser. It's the same one.

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