eBay bids for the 20th Anniversary PS4 are as high as $15,000

People are willing to pay up to $15,000 for the 20th Anniversary PS4.

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-Foxtrot1203d ago

I can't believe they only let people buy this from the US store when it dosen't do international shipping.

They announced it on the Europe blog first aswell lol...I mean wtf.

JoGam1203d ago

I'll wait for the 40th edition. Those prices are crazy.

-Foxtrot1203d ago

I think the 25th would be better as it's more traditional and major.





tanukisuit1202d ago

Canada will be open for pre-orders next week.
Maybe you can grab one from there and ship it to your region?

BattleTorn1202d ago

Ooooooooooohhhh!!! So I still have a chancw?!!!!!!
=D =D

Voozi1202d ago

I managed to order two by mistake lol.

1202d ago
Svinya1202d ago

Couldn't you replicate the same exact paint job for only dollars????

Clunkyd1202d ago (Edited 1202d ago )

yeh, but that wouldn't be a collectors item. I think you missed the whole point. lol

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LOL_WUT1203d ago

A collectors item for sure! Kudos to those who purchase one ;)

NovusTerminus1202d ago

Wish this would have been next week, I was gonna get one... that would be a damp nice down payment on a house loan.

2pacalypsenow1202d ago

Hoping i can sell mine for close to that

USMC_POLICE1202d ago

Microsoft gave these special edition systems free to loyal fans who started with xbox from day 1....wheres my free special edition PS4

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The story is too old to be commented.