20 Years of Play: The 20 Best Games for the PlayStation

The controller Crusade staff reminisce and list the 20 greatest games to ever appear on Sony's legendary console.

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Rick_Ross_Boss1318d ago

best games came from the ps2 era

Tapani1318d ago

I disagree strongly.

Chrono Cross, Xenogears, Final Fantasy VII, IX, Suikoden I-II, Front Mission 3 are just some of the classics no PS2 game got even close to. Tekken 3 was excellent too. Symphony of the Night. MGS. FFT. Oddworld games. Resident Evil games. Gran Turismo 1-2. The list just goes on and on.

PSX had the best and deepest games ever made.

Rick_Ross_Boss1318d ago

Ps2 was the best selling playstation for a reason and that was it had the best games. And about 4 of them games you mention iv never heard off.

PoSTedUP1318d ago

i feel like most franchises on the ps2 couldnt match up to their counterpart on ps1, despite a few getting better on ps2 (e.g. gran turismo, gta). but ps1 had the better games overall. the ratio of good games on ps1 greatly outweighs that of ps2, the ps2 had a ton of games, but i feel like ps1 had mostly awesome games where ps2 it was a hit or miss and a lot of shovelware. jus my opinion.

LapFox_Trax1318d ago

well thats a crappy opinion you probably never heard of those games cause you're probably a lame that just gotten started playing video games during ps2 era. just cause something sold more doesn't mean it had better. in that logic vsh is better than betamax cause it sold more.

Rick_Ross_Boss1318d ago


Playstation 1 total lifetime sales: 102.49 million,
Chrono cross: 1.86m sold
Xenogears: 1.19m sold
Suikoden I-II: 396,729 sold

basicly no one played these games compared to the games that defined playstation era

PS2 Lifetime sales 155million,
Gta series (ps2): 30m sold
Metal Gear Solid 2/3: 11m sold
Gran turismo 3: 14.89m sold

TWB1318d ago

Surprisingly many lists dont mention spyro games at all, though Im glad Tomba/Tombi made it to the list, the second one is probably my favourite game of all time.

PoSTedUP1318d ago (Edited 1318d ago )

funny i just watched some gameplay of Tomba like an hour ago, ah the memories. edit: never played the second one.

and yeah crazy list, spyro deff deserves a spot. dave mirras bmx too.

i played some of vagrant story, still have it and am gonna get around to beating it, is deff an amazing game.

grandia is in my top 10.

TWB1318d ago (Edited 1318d ago )

Its a great game, many people criticized it for becoming more "westernized" (saying that for the lack of better words) by for example, making the music more "standard" when compared to the original tomba/tombi.

I dont agree with those complaints though, I feel that the game has much better ambiance, feeling and its just in general more refined thought out than the first one.

Too bad you can only get the japanese version of tomba2/tombi2 from the PS store. I still have my original copy though.

CoTton_MoUtH1318d ago

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hemmo19861318d ago

I'd probably say ps1 had the more memorable games than ps2 (for me). Simply being because ps1 ushered in 3d games and many new franchises like resident evil, grand turismo, need for speed, tekken, crash bandicoot, gta, metal gear solid, silent hill, ridge racer, wipeout, tomb raider, syphon filter, driver, commamd & conquer ( although mainly a pc game), cool boarders, soul reaver and god knows how many more.

Point being many games were improved on later systems but the ps1 was where it was done first and was a revolution at the time. I loved the 90's!!!!

Ps1 helped define games for adults. If you didn't grow up playing a Ps1 man you missed out.

kingvendrick1318d ago

20 years of play = 20 years of awesomeness and PS4 is the icing on the cake.