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Uncharted 4 on PS4: Check Out the Original PSExperience Demonstration Showing Different Gameplay

You've seen the official Uncharted 4: A Thief's End Gameplay Video released today, but there's an interesting little fact that not many noticed.

That video isn't what we've seen demonstrated on stage, but a different version recorded separately for official dissemination.

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Community1417d ago
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ABeastNamedTariq1417d ago

Inb4 "target render" "hair downgrade" "downgrade" etc.

The reveal trailer was not a "target render" or any of that other BS. Different lighting and time of day makes it looks different. Still graphically destroys a good portion of games coming out.

1) Drake's hair isn't wet.
2) Everything isn't shiny and glistening underneath the moonlight.
3) They didn't get super up close to Drake's face like in the reveal trailer.

But hey, continue to cover your eyes and ears and deny it looks phenomenal. "Lalala can't hear you"

Blackleg-sanji1417d ago

Dont even bother lets just enjoy the awesomeness we just saw today

nX1417d ago

Anyone complaining about the visuals either doesn't know what gaming is actually about or is just trolling. UC4 will be a masterpiece and there's nothing a bunch of trolls can do about it.

Kingdomcome2471417d ago

Agreed. This looks beyond incredible. I love the freedom provided in the more open-ended combat scenarios as well. This is going to be a surefire masterpiece, if there was somehow any doubt prior to today. My goodness ND, what greatness have you wrought?!?!

Mechanism1417d ago

The XBox kids got a firm smack down today, it's their only way of dealing with it.. This and The Order are miles ahead of anything XBone graphically.

Denial is a hell of a drug.

UbiquitousClam1417d ago

Its true man, I also lost count at the amount of indie games they announced which I have already played. Truly there was just too many.

PS. Uncharted rightfully looks great but trust me, know one is jealous of The cutscene 1886.

shloobmm31417d ago

I don't think uncharted 4 is blowing away quantum break in the graphics department.

thelwebb1001417d ago

Uncharted 4 looks good and I'm going to buy a PS4 for it but doesn't look miles ahead of anything on XB1. And I must be the only one not impressed with The Delivery Order 1886

Forn1417d ago (Edited 1417d ago )

The sheer bewilderment as to how PS4 games can look so good is strong with the fanboys today. Keep living in denial my friends!

HeMan761417d ago (Edited 1417d ago )

Ryse killin alone everything PS4 has.Quantum Break and the other upcoming titles will distinguish the PS4 from Earth's surface kid.If you say so you must have a hard broken!!!! very big butt hurt from Sony fans after a big dissapointment trying to convince people that the U4 and TO 1886 lookin better than anything on XO.hat they have shown at E3 was CGI cutscene.Sony lied again you better wake up.Dont forget KZ2 fiasco.Even IGN Editor told that a possible PS4 can not handle those fidelity which was true because it was CGI like U4 at E3 2014.Whats the point of lying if you know that sooner or later the truth will pop out? Weird Sony marrketing

Saying it again Ryse alone still destroying anything on PS4 even its most anticipated upcoming!!!

Sweet dreams with that fairy tale %50 more power.

Chaos-Dad1417d ago (Edited 1417d ago )

"I don't think uncharted 4 is blowing away quantum break in the graphics department. "

QuantumBreak? oO
This Game cant even blowing away InFAMOUS:SS - a 1080p, SMAA2TX, Open World(!) Game...

Even Order1886 looks better than QuantumBreak.

DigitalRaptor1417d ago (Edited 1417d ago )

@ HeMan76

Again with this Ryse bulls**t. Is that your desperation wildcard?

The game only looks better than already released PS4 exclusives like inFamous and Killzone in facial detail and animation. Everything else is not so impressive, and the PS4 games trump it in lighting, particle effects, texture detail, environmental detail, ambient occlusion, and depth of field.

Other than that, Ryse's gameplay is so non-dynamic that it's easy to achieve very realistic looking characters in corridor-sized levels.

Uncharted 4 is a WAY, WAY more dynamic game than Ryse, and it looks even better than Ryse. I mean undeniably better. There's no technical areas where Ryse trumps it, and I'd like to see you have fun trying to prove otherwise.

But you won't even try - you'll just call out people's vision when the problem is actually your brain. I mean which healthy person is this delusional?

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Angels37851417d ago

So many people are angry xD

shloobmm31417d ago (Edited 1417d ago )

There is no denying g it lacks a lot of the graphical fidelity that was originally shown, but it still looks very good.

If you think it looks as good, there is something wrong with your eyes. Lighting differences aside there was nothing in that game play that came close to that initial teaser. He walked in dark vas and he still got wet and they zoomed in on his face in the beginning. Your fanboyism is clouding your judgment. Like I said tho, the game still looks very good.

Why would I need to lie to myself. I own all 3 systems( I own every system dating back to the 2600)

Forn1417d ago (Edited 1417d ago )

No denial needed, it looks every bit as amazing. Keep lying to yourself though, I'm sure it's healthy for ya'.

extermin8or1417d ago

A) it really doesnt look that different b) it's better part of a year or so from release so far as we know, there weren't even any animations or background programmed in for if nate fell of a cliff it's got along way to go.

LonDonE1417d ago (Edited 1417d ago )

LMAO at all the xbots crying! remember how badly forza was downgraded? remember how ryse was downgraded? remember how dead rising was down graded? remember how dead rising cant even sustain a solid 30fps? remember how ryse cant sustain 30fps and dips constantly below 25fps? remember how most games on x1 are not 1080p native? remember how titanfall was down graded? first they showed off pc footage at 1080p solid 60fps but then when we saw real x1 footage it was barely over 720p A LAST GEN RESOLUTION!!!! has screen tearing constantly and dips frames below 60 allot whenever 2 titans or more and on screen! LMAO seriously its embarrassing!

I loved all the above games regardless but dont act like xbox games were not massively down graded!! ok?

Infamous ss, killzone sf single player, knack, drive club, all run at native 1080p with an average frame rate at 30fps or above for some!! so graphically a bot cant say nothing!!!

Just look at the last of us on PS4, native 1080p at 60fps and looks light years better then most x1 games and this is not coming from a single console gamer like most on here, see my avatar pic i actually own all 3 consoles and love all 3.

The uncharted footage we all saw today is a game with near enough a year left of development, if it looks that good already imagine in a years time! this is not some random dev team we are talking about, ITS NAUGHTY DOG! who hold numerous awards for creating technical master pieces!!!!

People like you are trying to compare quantum break a linear corridor environments shooter with a open level design uncharted game?
Granted uncharted is a linear shooter too, but the environments always give you multiple ways to move through them, with multiple ways to engage the enemies!
Quantum break looks sick but its an urban shooter where as uncharted is usually set in more nature based environments.
uncharted games always have massive draw distances, with vertical level designs, interactive context sensitive environments, sexy lighting all lavishly sweeping over the levels! just look at the set pieces in uncharted 3 and 2, the moving train level through the jungle to the Himalayas? the airport level in U3 which starts off in the airport, ends up on the plane, and then through a plane crash to a desert!! or how about the cruise ship stage in uncharted 3? seriously NOTHING COMPARES to it on xbox this is the truth!!! Phil Spencer pretty much admitted it hence why he went after tomb raider to rival it!

I think allot of the xbox fan boys are butt hurt because we just had a big awards event with all of the games industry in attendance, even including nintendo LOL and where was Microsoft? where was xbox? nowhere to be seen! no new game announcements, no new footage, hell if i was a xbox only gamer i too would be worried!!

The uncharted trailer smashed it, plain and simple no denying that!
Dont get me wrong i actually liked ryse and forza 5! i own them on my x1 but stop spreading fud! you can say you didn't like it, but dont claim its downgraded without proper evidence like everyone done with infamous which released and looked stunning!!! as will uncharted.

LOL at the high blood pressure due to all the salt going around lately!

PockyKing1417d ago (Edited 1417d ago )

Could care less if it looks like the "target render", the game just looks like a lot of fun to play which is what matters most.

methegreatone1416d ago (Edited 1416d ago )

The demo did look underwhelming in one respect - the environment. I've see a lot better. Its just how foliage works - very few games render it correctly, because it requires a ton of processing power. The rocks and foliage looked very... last gen, so to say. Ofcourse, I'm saying this because I'm a PC gamer. There are games on PC which focus specifically on making the natural environment look incredible. Crysis 3 is a good example.

Edit : Just watched uncompressed version. Holy cow, that is so much better. Game looks incredible :D
Uncharted has a different focus. You can see that in the opening scene. The character quality is unparalleled, the animations have incredible detail, and so on and so forth.
The reason people are underwhelmed by the visuals is because the graphics were mediocre when it came to the environment. The rocks and foliage... there is a huge disparity between that and the characters, for example.

methegreatone1416d ago

That edit was misplaced in the middle of the comment :P
Meant to be at the end

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Forn1417d ago (Edited 1417d ago )

Uncharted 4, Bloodborne, and The Order all visually blow my mind in different ways. So many incredible, unique and varied games otw next year to PS4. Very exciting.

Hakoom1417d ago

best looking game ive seen
naughty dog <3

mysteryraz111417d ago

the game is still in pre alpha when its finished its gonna look alot better its the same with halo 5 they both will look much better probally a generational difference almost

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