Capcom and Sony talk Street Fighter V exclusive partnership; box art now available

Check out the box art, as well as Capcom's and Sony's comments, on Street Fighter V.

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Majin-vegeta1319d ago

Cannot wait for this,And the fact that it's being built from the ground up for PS4 makes it even better can't wait to see what they pull off

Off topic:Did they give a release date for USF4?

ABeastNamedTariq1319d ago

I only think they gave a window, Spring 2015 IIRC.

Abash1319d ago

Very happy I skipped getting USF4 since I will be getting it on the PS4, knew it would come to this gen eventually. Should make the wait for Street Fighter 5 a little easier

bouzebbal1319d ago (Edited 1319d ago )

SFV built for PS4 from ground up is what i have been most excited for since the leak.
Amazing i cannot wait to play it.
PS4-PC cross platform is also big news!

Army_of_Darkness1319d ago

Street fighter going exclusive alone is massive! Very excited to see what this exclusivity is capable of.

ShinMaster1319d ago (Edited 1319d ago )

So if Sony's is helping fund the game, I don't see why it's a such a big deal that it's exclusive. Last year Yoshinori Ono said that they didn't have the budget for a new Street Fighter game. Amd now they do.

At least the game exists now. We might have had to wait longer to see a new Street Fighter.

indyman771319d ago

I have not been hyped for a street fighter for years! But this one! Man after watching that I can't wait to play as Chun li's, RYU, Ken! Hope the music is really street fighter music.

BG115791318d ago

I'm really split about this exclusive thing. I don't condone this kind of things, yet I find it's a good thing that they are doing cross-play between the PS4 and PC.

On one side, I think that it would be good for the game for it to be on the Xbone.
On the other side cross-play is a very good decision if you want to unify the players without distinction. And I really don't see MS permitting that with the Xbone.

This one is really a head-scratcher.

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Charybdis1319d ago (Edited 1319d ago )

Was it built up from the ground up for the ps4 or the pc, nah I just hope they will keep the same key game play mechanics and characters and release it before 2018. Its a good console exclusive to have. In the meantime i am still waiting for tekken vs streetfighter they should have made that game exclusive for the ps4 assuming they will still release it hopefully next year 2015.

FlameHawk1319d ago

You really think Street Fighter V, a fighting game is going have PC has as the lead platform when developing? The majority of the sales is going to come from the PS4 and Ono is handling the PS4 version(from that old pic that started the rumor) which means the main team is developing for the PS4 with the PC version just being a PS4 port.

Charybdis1319d ago (Edited 1319d ago )

dont know we will see in 2018 how it will sell porting to pc makes sens I agree. just hope it won't be another badly optimised pc port. I am just disappointed that it's not a 2015 game or that teken (vs.) has not also been made a ps4 exclusive...

Spotie1319d ago

They even said during the reveal that it was built from the ground up for PS4. I mean, they literally said those words, so what is there for you to even be doubtful about?

Charybdis1319d ago (Edited 1319d ago )

@Spotie dont see a need to rebuild the key game play mechanics also don't hope they will do so. don't mind if the grapic engine and network stuff for cross platform play will need to be 'rebuild'

indyman771319d ago

@Charybdis my bad! I meant to click the..."AGREE" dang on ketchup under my mouse!

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XtraTrstrL1319d ago

I'm not gonna lie, I feel bad for last gen and X1 gamers. I don't know how huge the fighting game fandom is nowadays, but me and my friends are huge SF fans spanning back to the arcade days of SF2(Even a little bit of SF1 for me, when it had 2 pressure sensitive wack-a-mole type buttons for punch/kicks).

I think my friend that got a Wii U cuz it has the more fun games right now, will end up upping to PS4 once this and a few 2015 blockbusters release. Though he does have a decent gaming PC. I just hope this doesn't feel like an upgraded SF4 game, I also hope they stay true to their word from years ago that SF5 will go back to being made specifically for the hardcore fighting gamers.

medman1319d ago

Looks like it's time for me to step back into the fighting game's been quite awhile.

Azzanation1319d ago

Would have been heaps better if it was built up on the PC.

TAURUS-5551318d ago

cross platform play ¡¡¡¡ yeees i cant wait to take on some pc gamers this will get amazing

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optimus1319d ago

...but lacks originality...wwe13 has the same pose with cm punk.

llxKonanxll1319d ago

This and Guilyy Gear Xrd will be my go-to fighting games.

KrisButtar1319d ago

So is Ultra still coming or were we trolled? I question it because V is also been announced and seems to be coming.

KrisButtar1319d ago

The release dates must be pretty far apart from each other or they might eat into each others sales.

Kinda hope V has every SF character from the beginning onward with some newbies thrown in.

llxKonanxll1319d ago (Edited 1319d ago )

I don't think Sony had to pay too much to get Street Fighter V as a console exclusive. It sounds like Capcom is aware of the PlayStation 4's growth and they were eager to capitalize on it. This with cross-play with PC is a huge win for Sony.

BigShotSmoov0071319d ago

In order for Sony to make up the difference in loss that Capcom would have gotten from Xbox One owners, I'm sure they had to pay a lot, especially with all reports of Capcom not making enough money to begin with.

jjonez181319d ago (Edited 1319d ago )

Other factors that most likely lead to this:
1) Capcom's current financial position (Sony offers co-development/advertisment)
2) Cross-Platform play (MS doesn't allow this- example FFXIV)
3) Sony has a stronger presence in Asian markets (where SF sells well)
4) And yeah, like you said, +50% marketshare for new gen consoles helps too

JimmyDM901319d ago

Plus Capcom saves some cash since they don't have to spend the money developing it for other systems.

silvacrest1319d ago

@jimmy from what i heard capcom didn't have any money to develop it so without sonys help SFV wouldn't of happened any time soon

Sevir1319d ago

The game is Co developed between capcom and Sony, just like Deep Down. That's why the game is console exclusive. I'm pretty sure because of the basis and the impact of the IP, the PC was a caveat Capcom wouldn't budge on. Which is fine since Sony is also working so that PC gamers can play against PS4. In the end... Money, huge lump some of it was dumped on the doorstep to keep it off Xbox One... Much in the same way MS made sure The First Titan Fall will stay exclusively on Xbox.

Deathdeliverer1319d ago

I think you are wrong to an extent Sevir. Titanfall was made by EA ONLY for the xbox 360 and one. That was obviously a 100% "how much will it cost us to get this exclusive" payment. Sony and Capcom are CO-producing Street Fighter V. This is what they said on stage. When the game starts it will say "Sony Computer Entertainment Presents" somewhere. Thats a lot more involvement. Resources, manpower, whatever. Like Capcom said they came to Sony about the idea first. Because Titanfall was made completely by EA with some element of exclusivity (like mass effect was) it will take constant payments to keep it exclusive.

kingPoS1319d ago

An online cross platform fighter with pc guys, now that's an idea I wouldn't mind becoming used to. I'd like like to see more games like this. DC Universe became a real blast to play when it launched on the PS4. (until I was overwhelmed with patches & updates)

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