How to Swap Out the PS4 Faceplate

While it's great to be able to customize a console, Sony wants to make sure people do it right.

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ValKilmer1105d ago

Frankly, I'm surprised they trust consumers enough to do this without spilling piping hot gray all over myself.

Bowzabub1105d ago

Hi Val. Loved you in that movie Felon. Yeah, looks pretty simple.

Dee_911105d ago

instructions unclear
ps4 stuck on ceiling fan

ForzaGT1105d ago

Cool, now just need a perfect faceplate

maniacmayhem1105d ago

I wonder how long this will last? It didn't last so long when the 360 was doing this.

Ck1x1105d ago

I think face plate swapping makes the console feel cheap! Just release custom versions like they've been doing and leave the faceplate stuff for handheld devices and cell phones.

KwietStorm1105d ago

Are you aware that the hard drive, which is also removable, is underneath the face plate?

Ripsta7th1105d ago

Yes! I was always worried about wiping my ps4 , too much dust and was scared of it scratching but now this reaolves everything lol

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