IGN preview The Order : 1886 ( PSX demo )

"I had a lot of fun exploring, even if I wasn't choosing where to go next, and even if I did have to grapple with unfortunate QTEs, particularly in the cockpit of the zeppelin."

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Neixus1235d ago

Alot of positive reactions from this gameplay demo, seems like they stepped up their game.

Can't wait to get this game!

Majin-vegeta1235d ago

The demo they had always shown was over a year old.This one was from a new build

DigitalRaptor1235d ago (Edited 1235d ago )

Well. Would you look at that? A positive preview.

Just so people know, Colin Moriarty was the guy at IGN who heavily criticised the game back in February, and now he's writing positively about the game calling it "fun".

What does that tell you? That it's been improving constantly. The game won over 25 awards at this year's E3. More compiling evidence to shoo away the idiots and fanboys trolling the game and dragging their heels with old information.

Still…. cue those obscene haters because they're going to appear regardless of logic.

LOGICWINS1235d ago


I criticized the game before because it looked generic. And it did.

Now I'm praising the game because it looks much better now...because it does.

All this proves is that RAD LISTENED to the criticism to make the game BETTER. Now EVERYONE gets a BETTER product.

You're welcome.

pedrof931235d ago

The shooting in the game seemed to have more impact and violence and and it was faster.

JoGam1235d ago

So you told them what you didn't like about the game or u just bitched about it on N4G?

SardoNumspa1235d ago

LOL at being so dumb to think anyone gives a crap what some dumb fanboy like LOGICWINS thinks about this amazing games.

Lawboy21235d ago (Edited 1235d ago )

I seriously can't wait to grab this game...have been stoked since the gameplay was shown on the's been a long wait....this, the witcher 3 and evoke will set my spring right

Also after seeing the unharted 4 trailer I'm going to go preorder that soon...never played uncharted before but im super stoked...last of us may be my favorite single player experience of all time so I have high hopes

Ryan7411235d ago Show