H1Z1 Early Access Date To Be Announced On Monday; Build Will Be High Quality

We'll know H1Z1 Early Access date on Monday; according to Smedley, SOE took its time to make a high quality release.

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Mostafeto1349d ago

I am so hyped for this game It is like a high quality better version of DayZ This game's world will be EPIC I gurantee it

kaiserfranz1349d ago

I hope so, too. There are a ton of survival post-apocalyptic multiplayer games, but none is done right. H1Z1 might be the best chance this subgenre gets anytime soon.

Iceball20001349d ago

what's the closes one to being done right?

Imp0ssibl31349d ago

Good to know, I don't usually buy Early Access games but I might make an exception if this one is polished enough.

WeAreLegion1349d ago

Great! Been following it closely.

Draven12341349d ago

Wish this was coming to Xbox One. I really want a MMO Zombie Survival Game. Ah well, at least Dying Light comes out next month. That game should be fun and serious.

Alexious1349d ago

Xbox One will surely get the State of Decay MMO, though it won't release for a couple more years at least.

Feralkitsune1349d ago

Yea, this game is made by Sony. I can't see a X1 version ever.

Draven12341348d ago

Wasn't aware of that. Having said that however, I'd say it's quite obvious it won't be coming to Xbox One.

Pillsbury11349d ago (Edited 1349d ago )

This has gotta be my most anticipated zombie game ever. I can't wait till it comes to ps4.