Troy Baker is Nathan Drake’s Older Brother, Sam

Junkie Monkeys: Well known voice actor Troy Baker is back to voice another PlayStation character. Excited? Yes! Surprised? Not so much

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Rimeskeem1346d ago

Nolan North + Troy Baker + Naughty Dog = 20/10

-Foxtrot1346d ago (Edited 1346d ago )

I like Troy, I really do but he's been in so many games recently, overshadowing Nolan I was excited to see Nolan get back into the spotlight with a new Uncharted, his last one probably...but now Troy is in it

They could of gotten someone else, not because he's crap (he's not...obviously) but just to put the focus on Nolan a little.

I was hoping for like a buddy cop film by NaughtyDog in the future where Nolan and Troy are the main characters.

Oh and I'm not sure how I feel about Drake having a brother.

the_dark_one1346d ago

the older brother part could mean aswell like they are very close to each other like the best friends, and not like blood brothers, but i dont know

Blacklash931345d ago (Edited 1345d ago )

I'm less concerned about Nolan vs. Troy, and more concerned about how little talent there is the VA pool of the gaming industry. Can we get new people, please? These two are very talented and versatile, but they're in everything.

-Foxtrot1345d ago

Well it's kind of my point, I don't see why they couldn't of get someone else but Troy

Seems like he's in it for the sake of it

I'll be ticked off if his character is in this game more then Sully or even Elena. It's the last Uncharted game they should stop adding new characters and use the ones they have. I'd rather see Cutter return.

Concertoine1346d ago

Who isn't troy baker these days?

Blacklash931345d ago

I wouldn't be surprised if everyone is secretly voiced by Troy Baker, at this point.

GearSkiN1346d ago

Troy Baker is unstable damn

JWiLL5521346d ago

I didn't know Baker was Pagan Min until I'd already completed Far Cry 4.

The guy is incredibly versatile, even if he does simply use a variation of his normal voice for many roles, like Delsin in InFamous.

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