Yoshida: Project Morpheus ‘has to be really, really good.’

Today’s PlayStation Experience event in Las Vegas has already heralded two new additions to the Project Morpheus line up, Endnight Games’ The Forest and the inventive Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes, but there’s plenty more to come. The headline panel ongoing at present centres around virtual reality (VR) and specifically Project Morpheus.

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stuna11348d ago

the fact that many didn't realize the true purpose of the PS Camera just speaks volumes as to the true scope of what Sony are trying to accomplish this console generation! The ecosystem of the PS4, The Move Controllers, The Playstation Eye Camera and, Project Morphius are without a doubt a huge undertaking by Sony.

Yoshida was speaking as to how all these components have to come together to create the ultimate Playstation experience and truthfully if they are able to accomplish this goal, the PLaystation although now a force to be reckoned with, would be simply untouchable when it comes to console based technology.

Rimeskeem1348d ago

I completely agree. Having all of these as one will complete with even PC.

n1kki61348d ago

Possibly, but with PC the environment is open, so anyone can buy an oculus, develop for it and push their application to the web. I have an oculus rift and the tech is amazing. It's also great to have game to people develop for it and release for free, along with a community that will figure out a way to patch in support.

With sony, hopefully each morpheus kit can act as a dev kit and they would release the SDK for free, but I don't see that happening.

Omegasyde1348d ago

Played valkerie on the oculus at psx, I was a doubter before but I am no longer after today.

Sadly still no info on price!

Agent_hitman1348d ago

They should announce the line up of games for this amazing peripheral aside from the Summer Lesson new IP from Tekken Team. I'm very excited for this device., honestly.

telekineticmantis1348d ago (Edited 1348d ago )

Want it to be good? Here's a little hint to help you. You have make good games, I noticed Oculus wasnt sharing this info with you, so I thought I'd help. While you're making little gimmicky Wii sports resort games, Oculus is getting some great games and great experiences. "Summer Lesson" what a joke, you think people are gonna pay an extra 2-300 dollars for a porn game and some Wii sports games? SMH... Porn is free lol. And if you really wanna separate yourself from the competition, you should be using the camera for full body control as best you can, I know some nerds are craving the "Sword art online experience, and you have a great opportunity for such.

SoapShoes1348d ago

You realize many Oculous games are already supporting Morpheus and that's where most of its games are coming from, right?

telekineticmantis1348d ago

The best I've seen say they're coming to Oculus, now if you wanna say THAT means it's coming to Morpheus aswell, that's fine, but I don't believe it, until I see it. And if they are, it would be smart to advertise that a little.

Kingdomcome2471348d ago

I really enjoyed the Morpheus panel at PSX today. It was a really earnest informative discussion.

mixelon1348d ago

I say sit on it until we know for sure what the first consumer version of Rift is going to be like, then either undercut it slightly or leapfrog its spec. Either would do it, but I'd go for the latter.

Oculus are likely to bring out a new revision of the Rift every year or two and Sony don't really have that luxury. Sony really need to avoid rushing to market, or Morpheus risks ageing too quickly.

stuna11348d ago

If anything Sony would have the upperhand as far as Morpheus aging with the PS4, because just like Yoshida said Morpheus was made to complement the PS4 spec wise, and knowing all PS4's are cut from the same mold there is actually no need for Sony to come out with a updated version every couple of years. if anything Morpheus will more than likely be able to accept software updates through the PS4.

Occulus on the other hand probably will go through different iteration every couple of years simply because all PC's aren't created equal. Not to mention the hardware specification of PC's are constantly changing every couple of years, therefore the Occulus Rift would also have to go along with those changes in hardware just to be current in specs.

mixelon1347d ago

Ehh, as a dk2 owner that's hogwash. You *will* want revisions because tech is going to improve. It's nothing to do with the spec of the PC/PS4, it's to do with the tech in the headset itself. Once you get on board, the better spec headset the better the experience, and the one that can iterate has a huge advantage.

You don't need new ORs to keep up with the spec of your PC, that's crazy. The OR is just a (very weird) monitor.

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