3 Reasons Why No Man’s Sky Dominated The Game Awards

No Man's Sky got a brand new trailer during The Game Awards, and here are 3 reasons why it stole the show!

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DigitalRaptor1317d ago

Twinfinite posting misinformation - not totally unexpected.

"No Man’s Sky is set to be released on PS4 and PC in 2015."

There's no confirmation on that it will be on PC in 2015.

3-4-51317d ago (Edited 1317d ago )

Sometimes they have good articles, but it's mostly like one of us here got our own site and just started saying whatever.

I can never tell if this site is seeking credibility or just chasing clicks. They go back and forth quite a bit.

That being said, I can't wait to see more from this beautiful game.

There was plenty of other stuff that happened during the show that is worth talking about.

mikeslemonade1317d ago

I don't get it. Looks like another Destiny/Spore. Quite frankly I'm interested in exploring same looking enviroments. I don't care about different objects if they all have same textures and color pallete.

3-4-51317d ago

I'd say, some of the appeal of NMS is how much their potentially is to discover.

EX: Play it for 1-2 months, discover a lot.

go play something else.

Come back like 7-8 months later, play some more and discover all new worlds you never knew could exist in the game.



I don't understand the hype for this game. What is your motive? What do you do once you get to the planet, get out look then get back in? Can anyone tell me what this game is about?

stuna11317d ago

IMO Drawn to Death was a definate shoe-in for a show dominating game! The art style was fresh plus it's exclusive to the PS4.

David Jaffe is the MAN, and has sold me on a Pre Alpha Demo lol.

anticlimax1317d ago

Games being exclusive is never a good thing.

-Foxtrot1317d ago

I'm liking the look of it but I thought they might of shown us more on the different things you can do once you've explored and found a world you want tos ettle on

Is there building, crafting, digging in this game at all?

Blackleg-sanji1317d ago

Dont forget at a night under no mans sky is tonight

XxDarkGamerxX1317d ago

I dont get all the hype around No Mans Sky..

Nobody knows what were supposed to be doing. Fly around and look at planets? Is that whats it about?

-Foxtrot1317d ago

I assumed it was just like Minecraft except you have this vast Universe you could explore

Can we build houses, can we dig into the ground and search for ores, minerals, stones, are we allowed to develop a village or city, can we destroy planets by terraforming them or change them into something we see fit etc

We've heard about this game since last December and the only thing we really know is that we can fly around in space, jumping from one planet to the that it.

We've seen nothing else to be honest.

If we can't build or have a number of things to craft like furniture, weapons and decorations then this is going to get old fast.

You'll end up flying around, find a planet you like, land on it and go " what".

MsmackyM1317d ago

I'm sorry but what is the deal with No Man's Sky? All I've seen of the game is getting in some space craft and flying from point A to point B. Until they show some actual meaningfull gameplay, that "game" is a no go.

Summons751317d ago

I like the game and I'm excited to see it when it finally comes out...but this trailer didn't impress me. It felt the same as all the other trailers. What am I suppose to be doing in the game besides exploring? I'm really excited but can't help but be skeptical because they are promising so much I feel it could crash a burn with how much hype they are laying down.

oIITSBIIo1317d ago

Same here it looks a very good game but what's the point of having limitless worlds? I prefer a limited world with a rich content,missions and a good story .

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