Far Cry 4 Demake for Super Nintendo and Sega Genesis

Carl Williams writes, "Far Cry 4 mania is all over the modern gaming sites. For the most part, everyone is at least enjoying this latest release in Ubi Soft’s First Person Shooter (FPS) series. That doesn’t leave much for the retro gaming fans out there though, does it? If you are Machinima Respawn on Youtube, you simply make a trailer for Far Cry 4 as if it was being released on Super Nintendo and Sega Genesis. Video after the jump."

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1316d ago
optimus1316d ago

pretty cool but what in the world is a "Demake"?

KiRBY30001316d ago

its a remake of a game for previous console generations. its a form of fan art.

optimus1316d ago

So why not simply say remake? I thought demake was a typo. What is the "de" supposed to imply?

KiRBY30001316d ago

because "remake" imply they are recreating the game, updating the graphics or mecanics with modern days technology and gameplay standards.

"demake" is the opposite of that. these guys take a game back to a previous technological era. i guess the "DE" stands for "DEconstructing" or something. instead of improving the game, you are stripping it down of its gameplay and graphical features to make it more basic, simpler looking. like it would be if it was released years or decades ago.

MegaRay1316d ago

What the point of this? Wish I have the guy's telant. Would do better things than this.