Fat Princess Adventures PS4 hands on - PlayStation Experience [PSU]

PlayStation Universe delivers impressions of Fat Princess Adventures from the PlayStation Experience.

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amnalehu1106d ago

FAT Princess on PS4! This really made my day!

Ol_Boy1106d ago

I can't wait to see more of this!

Killzoner991106d ago

The first Fat Princess was an instant classic.This will be the game that makes it a gaming staple.

swishersweets200311106d ago

I rather have a competitive game like the first one over a adventure game.

Ol_Boy1106d ago

Apparently it will have both

swishersweets200311106d ago

So it's bringing back the Capture the princess game modes that made the first one fun?

Ol_Boy1105d ago

The game modes weren't specified but the article said it will have multilayer like the first game.

swishersweets200311105d ago

yeah a adventure mode like castle crashers not like the original.

saint_seya1106d ago

I loved the first one, i used to play it with friends in my house.
Off topic, have everyone noticed the amount of disagree in every playstation game related to the PS experience, trolls in full force, if you cant have it, hate it?