How to Get a 20th Anniversary Edition PS4 at PlayStation Experience

When Sony announced the 20th Anniversary Edition PS4 last week, they were very vague on how to get one. Hardcore Gamer is at the event and got the full scoop on how to secure a console.

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maniacmayhem1348d ago

I know it's just re-painted grey...but I think it's sexy. Hopefully I'll be able to intercept that tweet and I will definitely "try" and get one for myself.

2pacalypsenow1348d ago

anybody have a firm price on it? i heard $500 but wanna make sure

FlameBaitGod1348d ago

They are selling at ebay for 10 grand right now LOL. They have over 90 bids too

DarthJay1348d ago (Edited 1348d ago )

My definition and Sony's definition of "shortly" are clearly not the same. We're going on almost two hours since they said they would post the link "shortly." A little transparency would have been nice so that I could go out and do other things. Instead I am sitting here waiting for whatever the hell "shortly" is. I know no one has a gun to my head making me do it, but a little courtesy would have been nice. I don't even care if the answer was "we'll post the link when everyone at the show has a chance," a legit ETA would have been nice. Everything they said made it sound like immediately after. Just a little frustrated.

2pacalypsenow1348d ago

probably getting all the people at PSX to pre order first then us

Yokan1348d ago

I tried purchasing one through the website but it just keeps freezing and saying internal error. I guess theyre sold out, I tried going to the link the second they announced it and didnt work. Theyre sold out for me. I hope you got one.

crashbash1348d ago

There's another way, and I have the exclusive on how you do it -

ValKilmer1348d ago

Come now, that's not PlayStation Grey and if you do that your PS4 will end up looking like a hooptie.