Bethsoft Tears Themselves A New One

Blizzard Guru writes: "I used to like Bethesda, it being the developer of Morrowind and all. Over the past few years however, Bethesda progress upwards as a "pretty good" game company came to a grinding halt, and its progress is now somewhere between stagnant and half past dead. Still, there's a growing sense that someone at that company forgot to take Ritalin the morning they announced that isometric games are dead and that PC gaming is dying."

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Polluted3815d ago

Sweet! That's the new worst story I've ever seen on the front page at N4G.

NO_PUDding3815d ago

This is fanboy stuff, but Bethesda is obviosuly crap if they couldn't even keep thier own Franchise alive (Oblivion).

Oblivionw as crap,a nd this is my favourite article of the week. EVEN above 2.4. Atleast some people are actually tellign it like it is, rather than wetting their pants over games that pretened to be depthy (BioShock and Oblivion) when actually they are just maisntream games charading as them, trying to make those normal people feel clever.

I am not saying I am more clever, but I am sayign the games are shallow.

I hate Bethesda.

Bolts3815d ago

Thats why Bethesda games almost always requires to mods to fix their flaws and to mitigate their lack of polish. Case in point Morrowind and Oblivion...unfortunately for Fallout 3 the consoles do not support mods.

Sabellicus3815d ago

Fanboyism is such an ugly waste of time. Oh, and yes, this is currently the worst article on N4G. Who posts this garbage?

SL1M DADDY3815d ago

Sorry, but this article is dribble. And just for the record, while I don't personally think that PC gaming is dead, I don't disagree that it is dying. It's not that it will be dead in the future, it's just that now is the time for developers to figure out ways to combat piracy and the like. In some reports, for every 1 copy of a PC game sold, there are 20 copies pirated. Now that will kill any gaming platform in no time flat and to say that PC gaming is not in trouble, well, you might just want to pull your head out of the sand and take a look around.

Captain Tuttle3815d ago (Edited 3815d ago )

It works for Blizzard because of Battlenet and it works for Valve because of Steam. Anytime any other developer tries to protect their product the internet explodes (remember Bioshock?). Piracy takes the incentive away from developers to make games for the PC.

Statix3815d ago

It's clear to me that Fallout 3 looks like it's gonna be nothing but pure, unadulterated awesome, in spite of the fact that a couple of old-school gamers are upset that the camera angle isn't isometric, lol.

Transporter473815d ago

seriously did you even play any of the old fallouts how can you do a sequel when you strip the game of everything it has seriously they only left a few things that is the only thing that resembles fallout like the outfit and try to leave a system from the old games which i don't think it will be any good, this game is seriously disappointing to any fan of fallout because this game is not fallout and not because it doesn't have isometric view, even if it did it might resemble it more but this game by no means of any kind is it a really fallout game if you know this series you know exactly what i mean, this game aint suppose to be oblivion or morrowind, because that is all i see, i see oblivion with guns and this game does not deserve to be called fallout at all, in fact they should of just made a new name for this game, plus PC gaming is not going away any time soon seriously where did you think gaming came from without pc gaming there would be no console gaming

Captain Tuttle3815d ago (Edited 3815d ago )

I would be happier if they called it "Fallout: East" or something like that rather than Fallout 3 (it's not that big of a deal though). I've said it before, I've changed my view of this game to something set in the Fallout universe rather than a true sequel (think Tactics).

I still think The Fatman sucks though.

socomnick3815d ago

They really should change fallout 3's name. If it does not have an isometric view and isnt a full blow rpg it isnt a true fallout game. Just remove 3 and put a different spin off tittle. Bethesha is truly sucking. Morrowind was amazing but oblivion catered to the masses and felt really simplified. I own both consoles and I have to say pc games offer so much more they are so much more complex and deep than console games.

jmiscavish3815d ago

I don't know much about the old fallout games, but post-nuclear Oblivion with guns sounds freaking sweet. It'll be like Mad Max.

Thank god it's not isometric. What is this, 1995?

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