The Order 1886 - Hands-on from PlayStation Experience [PSU]

PlayStation Universe checks out The Order 1886.

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Rimeskeem1177d ago

"The Order’s shooting is the best thing going for it. It’s a strong gameplay core on which to try interesting things like “controllable” cutscenes."

good to hear!

DigitalRaptor1177d ago (Edited 1177d ago )


And to think people are still ragging on its gameplay for being "bad". Well just goes to show how silly these bandwagon-jumpers can be. It has solid gameplay mechanics and it has done for months, it's just the narrative has stuck, hopefully only until now.

So really, all the haters can now conjure up is the game's "lack of innovation"… as if that has ever made a difference in how great a game can be. There have been plenty of games that didn't innovate this gen so far, and have received great feedback.

It's not a necessity, people just want good games.

SardoNumspa1177d ago

Everyone who is getting their hands on this game is raving about the amazing gameplay.

Can't wait.

Rick_Ross_Boss1177d ago (Edited 1177d ago )

really? i thought it was more the visuals

Eonjay1177d ago

Seems like they love both. As great as it looks, it great to hear that the game play is also solid.

Yaay4me1177d ago

well, it DID win 25 E3 awards. Yeah, Im excited for it.

Meryl1176d ago

Has anyone got the link to the gameplay preview from psx experience?