Final Fantasy 7 on PS4 is a Giant Middle Finger to Fans

"Let’s not kid ourselves here, Square Enix knew what we were all thinking. Final Fantasy 7 on PS4 = the remake everyone wanted. In fact, recently Kotaku posted an article citing that it’s the game everyone wants remade. So what does Square decide to do? Reveal the game as another port. Oh, wait it’s the PC port so it’ll have annoying midi tracks, but that’s cool, right?! No it isn’t, Square. No it isn’t. "

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shallowpoint1323d ago

I have never been so happy then sad within 1 minute in my life! I hope we at least get trophy support I guess:-/

RashBandicoot1323d ago

It's times like these I feel Square Enix is owned by Sephiroth and is trying to make us all feel "the ultimate despair".

vishmarx1323d ago

the saddest part is i might even buy this.

the keynote was many damn games
those hoping for ff7 remake are idiots, why would SE make something like that to slaughter xv.

freshslicepizza1323d ago

talk about a money grab for basically doing nothing. i would buy a hd remaster version as im sure so would many others.

FullmetalRoyale1323d ago

*plays One-winged Angel on iPod and cries*

Inception1323d ago

Sephiroth as CEO and Monokuma as his right hand

No wonder SE gave a lot of super hyper ultimate despair to their fans this past years >.<

breakpad1323d ago

SquareCrapness lost it completely .they began with FFXIII and now troll with FFVII ..i wish a remake of FFVII never be made from the current SquareCrap...guys just sell the IP to Sony they ll handle it better

UltraNova1322d ago

God damn it Square you'll never learn...I'm beyond disappointed. I think its time for me to show you the middle finger.

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3-4-51323d ago

Whoever is in charge at Square Enix DOES NOT "get it".

They are so beyond out of touch it's not even worth joking about anymore.

Athonline1322d ago

I think they are scared. If they do an HD remake that doesn't work, they will be in deep trouble.

Re-releasing the game still will get them a descent low-risk income and they keep the remake playing card. If they ever get desperate for a quick surge money, then they can do an HD-remake and call it a day.

FF VII remake and Half-Life 3 are both highly wanted and hyped games making any development/release decision harder as they know people will be more judgmental.

HaMM4R1322d ago

They could just give it the halo treatment, eg keep the original game 100% the same and then just replace all the assets then there is no chance of that. God forbid though developers actually invest money and time into their titles.

lipton1011323d ago

I'd rather never hear about it again vs being teased with this bs.

blackblades1323d ago

I was like o snap new jrpg, then was like holy crap FFVII remake, then the remaster was announce and I was like WTH.

Eyeco1323d ago

Honestly I'm astonsihsed, it was a grand masterpiece in the art of modern trolling, perfection, god-tier, glorious It will be remembered for years to come semper fi Square Enix I applaud you.

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Godmars2901323d ago

Its not a middle finger.

More of a "we honestly think you're that stupid" kind of thing.

jambola1322d ago

Yeah, because when people hear "final fantasy 7 is coming to ps4, that's the first thing that people think of, a port,
like if naughty dog came out tomorrow saying crash bandicoot was coming to ps4, all the smart people would think of the ps1 games coming to it.

GameDev11323d ago

I laughed tbh

trolled everyone

maniacmayhem1323d ago

Talk about ruining the that guy who throws up in the middle of the dance floor while the jam is on.

llxKonanxll1323d ago (Edited 1323d ago )

I think it's hilarious. We asked for Final Fantasy VII on the Ps4.. And Square Enix gives us Final Fantasy VII on the PS4. Damn Square.

KwietStorm1323d ago

We've been asking for a FFVII remake since they first showed that tech demo before PS3 even came out. Nobody asked for the PC FFVII on PS4.

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