Uncharted 4 Beautiful Direct Feed Screenshots Revealed, Compared To E3 2014 Screens

"Naughty Dog have finally revealed Uncharted 4: A Thief's End in its full glory and honestly, it's looking gorgeous and every other word that means beautiful."

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yuukiliu1233d ago

I was absolutely blown away by the demo. Naughty Gods cannot fail.

SardoNumspa1233d ago

It was incredible to see live.

Just like with Sony and Guerrilla matching the Killzone 2 reveal trailer with the same level of graphics in realtime on the PS3 that apoplectic Xbox fans screamed were impossible CGI level. Sony delivers once again what Xbox fans screamed was faked CGI with actual realtime PS4 graphics and gameplay.

lifeisgamesok1233d ago

That wasn't the same graphical fidelity as the E3 video. Watch it again

pedrof931233d ago (Edited 1233d ago )

@ Life

Actually it is, but if you compare the left screenshot with rest :

It seems indeed downgraded, but it only happens due different lighing in the left scene.

But if compare this : with this

there's only difference in the lighting.

ShinMaster1233d ago (Edited 1233d ago )

The game is in alpha at most.

Two different settings.
Different lighting conditions.
And Drake was wet in the reveal.

You'd have to compare with the same scene if and when we see it later in the game or another demo.

LeCreuset1233d ago


I think the tears in your eyes are affecting your vision.

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yarbie10001233d ago (Edited 1233d ago )

Does look really good - but wish it was 60FPS. Would trade 1080P for 60FPS

Kayant1233d ago (Edited 1233d ago )

"Does look really good - but wish it was 60FPS. Would trade 1080P for 60FPS" - It's going to 60fps it's 30fps at this stage of development they haven't said anything about changing that and reducing the res might not leave enough room to double the framerate. Doubling the framerate can be twice as demanding on the hardware because more things need to be rendered in a shorter time frame.

showtimefolks1233d ago (Edited 1233d ago )

Ladies and gentlemen I can confirm we have seen 2015's GOTY ALREADY. And scary thing is it was pre alpha

Also it should put to rest that it will be delayed into 2016.

And people thought a minority of fanboys thought tomb raider can compete with this. Ps4 gamers get both.

OB1Biker1233d ago

I was close to crying XD
Just so awesome to see the Uncharted we all know with well... everything better

Forn1233d ago

This game just looks unbelievably amazing... I'm speechless.

Angels37851233d ago

Uh ohhhhh.....

someone is upset :3

the_dark_one1232d ago (Edited 1232d ago )

it CAN compete, but ultimately lose

GribbleGrunger1233d ago (Edited 1233d ago )

One thing I can't understand (apart from using only Twitch) was why the hell they didn't finish on this game instead of Jaffe's game?

And to think, this is still one year from completion.

the_dark_one1232d ago

probably because uc4 was what most people wore waiting to see. so open with it and thats done. this way people could enjoy more the rest of the conference cause they worent on the edge of their seats waiting for the uncharted gameplay. well probably

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cruzngta1233d ago

simply put...the quality that went into this game is unreal. Look at every object onscreen from the foliage to the stones - everything has such a high level of detail and just looks mindblowing. This adds so much more to the immersion factor - thank you once again ND for delivering another amazing gaming experience for PS4 owners.

DoomeDx1233d ago (Edited 1233d ago )

To be honest.. I expected more, much more. This wasnt close to the reveal at all.

Maybe its early footage? Or the lighting was just in a bad spot? But textures looked flat, there was no POM and the overal lighting wasnt as good as i'd hoped for. - The textures look very flat.

Before you think I am a xbox fanboy, my PSN is DoomeDx and I play a lot of PlayStation. Check out my trophies. I love uncharted and I cannot wait to play this game. But graphic-wise I expected more.

EDIT: Bring in the disagrees. You know I am right. The reveal looked better.

The 10th Rider1233d ago

Yes, I totally noticed the reveal looked better. It does look good, but it's sad people are disagreeing because they don't want to see that. Honestly, was a bit underwhelming compared to what we saw at E3. Impressive, for sure, but not as much as I expected.

Same thing was true for the Zelda footage we saw last night.

Fortunately both have a bit to go before release and hopefully they can match up to their initial E3 reveals.

hay1233d ago

Yeah, I have the same opinion, but we need to keep in mind it's not even alpha yet. I think most of the frame time went into foliage and lightning, cause sampling is damn good, there's still plenty of room to balance that out.

MasterCornholio1233d ago

God dang it the quality of the stream really ruined it for me.

Well I guess I'll download the direct feed when its available.

RatchetandClank1233d ago

This game looked so awesome! The wait for this game is going to be such a pain :(

DigitalRaptor1233d ago

That is amazing.

Looks the same to me, except the new demo has different lighting and he's not covered in water, so the reflections are different. The character models are on another level.

MasterCornholio1233d ago

You have to take into account that its a different time of day though. The first time we saw it was night time and in this one its day time.

Forn1233d ago

That's what he meant by different lighting. The Game looks absolutely amazing.

Manic20141233d ago

The game looked amazing, but in all honesty the game does not look like the E3 build.

That odes not mean it's a downgrade, as the E3 build is a target render. I do though disagree that it looks the same, their are differences.

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