Street Fighter V Trailer Breakdown

Davis from Denkiphile: "Just after Capcom was probably soiling their pants from the leak of Street Fighter V, the company has released an official trailer that shows us so much more than the previous leak. Here is our full breakdown of the trailer, along with timestamps."

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telekineticmantis1349d ago

Yeah, theres definitely something special abou those power up stances.

3-4-51349d ago

You know what would be cool.

a NEW Fighting game with like 30 new characters.

Most of these characters were created in the late 80's & early 90's....

How many have they made since then ?

SoapShoes1349d ago

SF3 had mostly new characters...

KwietStorm1349d ago (Edited 1349d ago )

Almost the entire roster was new in SFIII, and there's a good amount of new characters in the SFIV series. I know its still Street Fighter, but each series in the franchise has its own identity.

SoapShoes1349d ago

SF4 and SF5 AND Guilty Gear. Sony has the console for fighters.

Majin-vegeta1349d ago (Edited 1349d ago )

Now if we can just get a new Bloody Roar and Eternal Champions.I would have my fighting needs covered.

blackblades1349d ago

Bloody roar, DoA6, SC6, VF6 is my must need. Bring some older fighting titles like Samurai showdown etc... back shoot I'll take brand new original fighting games.

SoapShoes1349d ago

I would love Bloody Roar and a new Virtua Fighter.

remixx1161349d ago

Add guilty gear and blaz blue to that list bro

u-bEttA-rUn1349d ago

Bloody Roar would melt life on earth.

ricochetmg1349d ago

I think konami owns the license

bbad1347d ago

I think maybe instead of EX moves you use meter to power up for a short time and every special move you do during this time comes out as an EX move