If You Didn't Adore Dark Souls, Can Bloodborne Seduce You?

GameSpot falters through the latest demo build, as From Software reveals the treacherous Chalice Dungeon.

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ABizzel11417d ago

I think so, I just couldn't get with the slow gameplay in the Souls series, but Bloodbourne looks like it at an acceptable speed for me. We'll see, but I'm really looking forward to it.

crashbash1417d ago

The Souls series didn't have slow gameplay. It was precise, and every time you made a wrong move you got punished for it, but it was never slow.

mikeslemonade1417d ago

Yes it was. It was slow and clunky. And it looked crappy from last generation consoles.

There's plenty of games I could not play last gen but I can play this gen. Infamous and Dragon Age are two examples.

die_fiend1417d ago

Souls had very slow gameplay. This looks quite like ninja gaiden in terms of dodging those storms

lonelyplayer1417d ago (Edited 1417d ago )

They are just complaining because it's not a mindless button masher.

ABizzel11417d ago


like die_fiend said, this game looks more like a traditional hack and slash in combat speed, while the Souls games was much slower like a Skyrim.

I'm a hack n slash gamers, so speedy combat is what I prefer and what I'm use to like God of War, Ninja Gaiden, DMC, Bayonetta, etc... And Bloodbourne is much closer to those games than the Soul games ever were.

DragonKnight1417d ago

Man, it sounds like NONE of you actually played any Souls game and just watched some people PVP. The Souls series is methodical, it's not slow. It's only as slow as you want it to be, and hell no it's not like Skyrim. Good god I wish that comparison would die. Skyrim's combat was like watching someone with dimentia swinging at hallucinations.

All Bloodborne did was get rid of shields and you actually think the speed has increased? Man, actually play games and you'll see the huge difference.

Kumomeme1416d ago (Edited 1416d ago )

is still depend on how each person plays
also,soul series control are great...only person said it was clunky are person who didn't understand the control and didn't get to used it..maybe due to different style of control than others 'common' game out there

i remember one of these guys here,saying the game had clunky control,bad graphics and even said he had beated tlou hardest difficulty just because to proved he are 'capable' but yet can't playing soul series while everyone knows its not kind of game that can be compared too like that...he can't for himself,and yet blaming the game
the game like spice,some people love it,some people dont,but that doesnt give right for people dont like it to label it as suck or such

the person even spamming my mail to proved he's right,thinking he always right

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SardoNumspa1417d ago

LOL...Dark Souls.

Xbot confirmed.

TekKing1417d ago

Yes. I liked Demon's Souls but didn't care about Dark Souls and Bloodborne looks awesome.

lemoncake1417d ago

I really don't like the dark soul games, I played it because of all the talk about it but it just isn't for me, this one does look a lot better though but i am not sure atm.

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