Tearaway: Unfolded PlayStation Experience trailer

Sony Computer Entertainment and Media Molecule debuted a new trailer for Tearaway: Unfolded during PlayStation Experience in Las Vegas.

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LightDiego1443d ago

Finally i will play Tearaway, looks great.

Aghashie1443d ago

Nice! Another great game to play soon!

Nathan1701443d ago

When will they reveal their mystery game?Before Gamescom they showed a teaser,but they probably have decided to hold on the reveal at the last minute.
Everyone that never played this game should buy without thinking twice(best game on vita).

KiRBY30001443d ago

i guess it makes sense that they would hold on until Tearaway is released on PS4.

slutface1443d ago

I can't get over the art style . it's so damn appealing and cute !

Yaay4me1443d ago

gameplay oriented, should be fun.