PS4 Exclusive The Order: 1886 Shows New and Fantastic Gameplay at PlayStation Experience

It's time. At long last new gameplay of The Order: 1886 has been showcased at PlayStation Experience.

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sobotz1265d ago

It's pretty underwhelming trailer after seeing Uncharted's

Abash1265d ago

Completely disagree, I am more excited than ever for The Order: 1886 after that gameplay demo

FATAL1TY1265d ago

Uncharted 4 + The order 1886 + TLOU = R.I.P xbone

ABizzel11265d ago

I agree with sobotz.

I want to like this game, but I just do see how everything is pitched together. Fighting the lycan has me excited, but the entire airship fight was underwhelming to me.

The Order is a rental IMO, until I see if it's worth it. Gameplay looks solid, but I have to see how it feels. Graphics are top notch, but overall it seems like there a lot of missed potential with this game.

I hope I'm wrong, but we'll see.

GMR_PR1265d ago


I disagree, as of right now I think this game is the graphical showcase for PS4. Gameplay wise i give it to Uncharted though.

Harold_Finch1265d ago


Every exclusive game up to now had just been a "graphical showcase."

Infamous SS: Disappointing because the story wasn't anywhere near as good as the previous Infamous titles, it basically tells you how it ends in the second level.

Killzone SF: a meh shooter that looked nice and that was all, i got to the level about flying through the broken city and traded it with boredom.

Knack: Pretty Pixar style game with terrible mechanics.

Driveclub: Looked pretty again, that game still isn't finished.

I am looking forward to The Order but where is the rest of it? Where is the co-op, it is begging for it, where is the MP? I can guess that it will too pretty to be able to fit the other modes onto the disc so we won't get any.

ABizzel11265d ago


I enjoy amazing graphics as well, but gameplay and fun trump graphics ALWAYS IMO (well unless it's just an interactive game, where gameplay really isn't there to being with, and presentation trumps).

The Order just didn't grasp me, until the lycan fight. The airship fight was just average, and I don't understand why they keep demoing sections like that. Show us some action, and something to get hyped about.

I think there's a lot of missed opportunity with The Order. Co-op was a big one, but also a full supernatural element with something like Underworld / Van Helsing / League of Extraordinary Gentlemen type vibe (vampires / Werewolves / Hyde / etc...).

The Order could have easily been the PS4's go to TPS, but instead it looks like it's about to be an average game with great graphics, and I seriously hope I'm wrong.

BattleAxe1265d ago

@ Harold_Finch

Very well said, and glad to see that not everyone on this site is wearing goggles and drinking the koolaid.

OB1Biker1265d ago

'lot of missed potential'
Usually you seem to be moderated in your comments and kind of trying to have a balanced 'analysis' but in case you missed it they did say this is just a short bit of gameplay demo that will be available at PSX so maybe wait for longer gameplay video before giving the thumbs down.
IMO that was great the only bit Im not sure about is the melee combat (triangle) Im sure we ll see more interesting stuff about it

mikeslemonade1265d ago

The Order is gonna 2014 Infamous. People not gonna give it a chance because of the reviews. I'm not expecting even high 80s for this game. It will be a graphical showcase. It will be the flavor of the month.

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GMR_PR1265d ago

Gameplay still looks a bit bland but the game look outstanding, after watching UC4 today, I think this is PS4's graphic showcase. Also the game's story and setting seems very interesting to me.

starchild1265d ago

I don't agree at all. Uncharted 4 definitely has more advanced graphics than The Order 1886. Especially considering the larger environments of Uncharted 4. I think The Order 1886 has fantastic character models and with the animations it looks amazing in cutscenes, but the regular gameplay doesn't really impress me that much. It looks great, but not as good as Uncharted 4.

GMR_PR1265d ago

From what i saw today i think this looks a bit better than UC4 graphically, although UC4 is pushing 60FPS, so we'll have to wait and see if they can deliver on that, but as of right now I give it to The Order.

I agree with you on the gameplay side UC4 looks better.

ABizzel11265d ago (Edited 1265d ago )

Uncharted 4 is almost a year off, and open-world at least on that island, and striving for 60fps.

Apples to oranges comparison.

The amount of gameplay improvements and feature UC4 has is also far above what The Order has shown.

GMR_PR1265d ago

Open World? As GTA5 open world?

I don't think this game is an open world, maybe you are mistaking what an open world is. Maybe the playable areas are bigger but UC4 is not an open world.

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showtimefolks1265d ago

I am buying this game because I love ready at dawn as developers and want to support them since this is their first console game. But I will be honest, today I was really underwhelmed by the showing. I want to like this game but the more they show the more I am loosing interest

One thing ready at dawn know how to do is story so if we get awesome world/environments,cool twisted story, amazing graphics with average to good gameplay I would take that. I know gameplay should be bigger and it is but I have played through games and gotten great joy out of stories even though the gameplay was up to par

Don't give up on the game just yet, ready at dawn will surprise us I think

turdburgler10801265d ago

Boy howdy that is one polished turd! Can't wait to not buy this and rent it through gamefly.

guyman1265d ago

"Boy howdy that is one polished turd!"

Who cares what you think?

StrawberryDiesel4201265d ago

Since your name is turdburgler I'll assume that's a positive statement.

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Eonjay1265d ago

It simply looks incredible.

xReDeMpTiOnx1265d ago

Looks amazing! Def better footage than we have seen before, man 2015 is shaping up for one of the record book years in gaming

Eonjay1265d ago

After that trailer I am completely on board

TheJacksonRGN1265d ago

Looks great, was slightly disappointed when they didn't show the Lycans. Then they did and I was happy, that knife fight was intense.

sugawalls1265d ago

Horrible, Horrible demo. Clunky Controls, terrible hit detection. The fighting scene was a complete rip of Naughty dogs work but done terribly.


DarkOcelet1265d ago

The salt is disturbing in this one.

Xbox_Z_best1265d ago

Get lost from here troll. Bubble down.

sugawalls1265d ago

Only on prayyyystation 4!

kenshiro1001265d ago

You're trying way too hard.

StrawberryDiesel4201265d ago

exactly, without internet trolling what would they do with their lives?