The Good And The Bad Of The Legend Of Zelda Wii U

The Legend of Zelda Wii U looks incredible - but there's one potential problem that could threaten the entire experience.

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Metallox1289d ago

Doesn't seem fair to me calling the game "empty", considering this is no way the version that Nintendo is going to ship next November (most probably anyway).

I'm saying this because the environments in the demo were so repetitive, same vegetation, same trees, it gets tired. This doesn't belong to the Nintendo fashion because they usually make their games beautiful, Skyward Sword it's a pretty proof of what I'm saying.

Having that said, I'm pretty sure this is just an early build with a lot of things removed.

3-4-51289d ago

How can you call a game Empty when we haven't even been shown 1% of it.

If you look at Zelda games's past, everything usually serves a purpose.

As's there for a reason.

pcz1288d ago

i think it will suffer from the same problems as wind waker, in that it will have a massive sense of scale but also be very boring travelling it.

and yes, just like wind waker, the large expanse will also be empty.

ChickeyCantor1288d ago

We know jackshit about this game. LOL people need to calm down.

Remember when Super Mario 3D World Wii U was shown just to have " clear pipes"? That was so imaginatively boring. And then when the game comes out it's nothing like their first teaser.

iplay1up21288d ago

I doubt that Nintendo will make that mistake again, Nintendo fixed the issue in WWHD with the swift sail. Part of the reason WWaker had the empty ness, was to hide load times.

DoggyBiscuit1289d ago

Of course is empty is a demo the game is not even finish

masterfox1289d ago

Nintendo lost the spark more than a decade ago, The ocarine of time was a great open world game and it catches you right at beginning(10/10), but since Nintendo refused to grow up and mature, this is the sad result of that(new boring Zelda video), people just need to see by themselves the sadness of that new Zelda gameplay.

This is what Nintendo should deliver with the new Zelda:

grayfoxx8811289d ago

You have absolutely no idea what you're talking about.

Mykky1289d ago

Well, millions of people would tell you otherwise. What's so sad about the horse riding and bow shooting anyway? If you have ever played Zelda you will know there will be tons of items, sword action and puzzles, but I guess that doesn't count?

breakpad1289d ago (Edited 1289d ago )

@masterfox i agree .. i know how are you thinking ..the same like me ...i dont hate Zelda (the contrary i love some of them ) and i comment to get better but still i get the disagrees ...the new Zelda seems like a vast lifeless grassland (always judging from the demo)...see for example Dragons Dogma a lot smaller world but oozes from life and uniqueness and has the perfect art direction (trumps over Skyrim every time)

Metallox1289d ago

Stop trolling already, guys!

And if you are actually that serious, keep in mind these words: "the gameplay of Zelda U that Nintendo showed at the Game Awards belongs to an early build of the project."

Timbalada1288d ago

I recommend watching the gamexplain video about the Zelda Wii U reveal where they analyzed the overworld from a screen cap. There was plenty of various locations that looked really cool. Like everybody else said, this game dosent even have a full title, there's going to be more to it.

wonderfulmonkeyman1289d ago

You're just another one of those graphics whores that wants realism in every damned game.
You disappoint me.
Nintendo hasn't lost its spark, and the one who has failed to mature is not them.
It's the gamers that judge a game's maturity, and by extension quality, by the graphics it uses, that have failed to mature.

There's nothing sad about the new Zelda.
But there's everything to be sad about within the childishness of your own post.
Go and reflect.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1289d ago

You do know that just Twilight Princess in HD. Aonuma already said they tried it in HD

Realplaya1288d ago

There developer of the year did you not get the memo.

iplay1up21288d ago

And you, clearly have not played their games in a decade. They put out the best of the best.

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Geekman1289d ago

A couple of things.

First of all. The game isn't finished yet. Saying it looks unfinished is stupid.

If the demo WASNT empty, they would have been constantly distracted from showing what he wanted to show.

Even if it IS empty, So was Ocarina of Times Hyrule field. That was still a great game.

pcz1288d ago

lol ocarina of time is like, 15 years old. back then the standard was different. just having an open space was enough to blow people away, people didnt even think about the wildlife that should be inhabiting that space.

its 2014 not 1998. we expect to see some wildlife

iplay1up21288d ago

Wildlife? You mean like the horses running through the field? That looked great BTW?

telekineticmantis1289d ago

An interesting environment is paramount to an open world game, take xenoblade chronicles for example, not a big fan of the combat, but the atmosphere is something gamers actually want to explore, now on the other hand you have Dragon Age Inq. with the same bland western RPG landscape we've seen for years, BUT they have population in the world and that helps. Zelda's world is empty, BUT the art style is great, that helps, and it's still early so who knows what they might do.

LonDonE1289d ago (Edited 1289d ago )

I dont agree, i saw wild horses runing around in the demo, i saw butterflies and insect life, it is not empty! we just have not seen enough to say that! the game looks vast and the draw distance is breath taking! this is going to be the most detailed hyrule we have ever seen! that much i know for sure.

In the first reveal you could see the grass swaying, with insects, birds flying, farmers tending the field, sheep, monsters, it looked great.

The lighting looked amazing, the frame rate looks great, the environments looked crisp and clean, i think until we get direct live footage of it we cant say anything.
Its far too early to make any rash judgements i say, nintendo games always have charm and i trust them to make this zelda mind blowing.

Even skyward swords forest area etc was teeming with little details which made it feel alive as did ocarina of time all those years ago and twilight princess too! i say lets not judge till we see more and till the game is out.
I have a feeling this zelda is gonna instantly become one of the greatest games of all time! i cant explain it but from the footage and all the numerous interviews i have read from aonuma it seems like this zelda is going to be revolutionary for a nintendo game. Its already confirmed to be the biggest and most expensive game they have ever created.

When i first saw the art style i wasn't happy! i would of much more preferred the wii u zelda tech demo style but now seeing more of it, i think it looks stunning! its like a expensive animated cartoon with bags of personality and nintendo charm

Metallox1289d ago (Edited 1289d ago )

I repeat what I say above: let's look at the environment of the yestarday's gameplay: ground looks bland, trees are repetitive, the world seems empty, yes, we all could see these issues.

But do you think that is how Nintendo launches their games? Let's look at Nintendo EAD Group 3 (developer of Zelda U) most recent tridimensional game: Skyward Sword.

This game lacks of many things, it may have had its flaws, but where it doens't fail it's in the presentation. For me, Skyward Sword has its own right to be considered one of the most beautiful Nintendo games ever, and that says a lot.

I mean, look at it:


You may not like how it looks, but it's simply undeniable that everything is well settled, there's enough color and stuff to make this image vivid, exactly what the gameplay of yesterday didn't have. And with that said, Nintendo knows what is required to make a beautiful game.

They have the most basic stuff already, and they won't fail with Zelda U, I'm pretty sure of that.

Also, every game you mention is already out, so obviously they look good to the eye.

So the whole point of this post was to make realize people that Nintendo isn't one of those developers that publish their games unpolished.

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