Suikoden I and II Coming to PS3 and Vita on December 9

Gio Corsi announced something big for long-time RPG fans.

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Relientk771445d ago

So happy bout this

Now I dont have to pay over $100 for Suikoden 2 on PS1

thekhurg1445d ago

Very disappointed there's no PS4 release.

Gamer19821445d ago

S-E ported FFVII meaning theres a PS1 emulator now on PS4 so it's possible in the future. Could see Sony announcing it down the line.

Xof1445d ago

No, they ported the PC version of FF7. Sony wants everyone to re-pirchase stuff for PS4, or worse--pay a subscription fee to stream games we already own.

user55757081445d ago

the first suikoden is already on psn...

3-4-51445d ago


Bought Suikoden 1 on psp a while ago but have yet to play it.

Re-download that on Vita + Suikoden 2.....

Can't wait to play these. I've been hoping for this for a while now.

pompombrum1445d ago

Possibly my favourite part of the show, I can't wait to play through the first Suikoden again and missed the second one so hyped for that too!

GamingSinceThe80s1445d ago

I bought the first one for 99 cents in a flash sale a few months ago,so it is just the second one that is not on PSN yet.Maybe what is new is the fact you can now play it on the Vita?

pompombrum1445d ago

Yeah I think I might have actually got the first one but the second one definitely isn't on there.

scark921445d ago

Never played them, if i get a Vita I will pick it up defo!

Spotie1445d ago

I never got a chance to play them, so I definitely will get them this time around. My Vita is ready.

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The story is too old to be commented.