GameSpy: Too Human Preview

GameSpy: Too Human is a game that takes a well known core concept in the hack and slash action role-playing game, and tries to do something completely different with it. From what we've played thus far, it's succeeding. The concept itself is a hodgepodge of ideas and themes, . The story of Baldur is drawn primarily from Norse mythology, but also draws from William Gibson's vision of cyberspace, the dual nature of the world from Wachowski Brothers' "The Matrix," and even Nietzschean moral psychology.

Baldur is a tragic figure, a character torn apart internally by grief. His method for dealing with the anger and pain is in seeking out revenge. Early on in this struggle, he'll have to make an important choice: whether to take the human route, forsaking the cybernetic implants of the rest of the Aesir, or going the cybernetic route, casting aside the purity of his human side and embracing a union with the same machinery that he engages in battle."

-Fast-paced combat
-Incredibly deep itemization
-Lots of character customization

-Camera can be an issue at times
-Buddy-system co-op play is smaller in scale than in most action-RPGs

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