Sony Santa Monica Doesn't Show New PS4 God of War, but Promises “More News” In the Coming Months

Sony Santa Monica did not showcase a new God of War or whatever their new main project is at PlayStation Experience, showing instead four titles from its development partners, yet, they promised news coming soon-ish.

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Newmanator1445d ago

No God of War no Crash Bandicoot, much disappoints :(

LOGICWINS1445d ago

What difference does it make? Assuming these projects exist, we aren't going to see them until LATE 2016 at the earliest!

Abash1445d ago

Sony needs to save announcements for the big game events next year. What's the point in announcing God of War PS4, Guerrilla Games new IP, Gran Turismo 7, etc. even before The Order: 1886, Bloodborne, and Until Dawn are out?

nix1445d ago

i think that's the reason we didn't see any new announcements of games that aren't going to come beyond 2015. i think their focus was 2015 only.

did anyone count no. of games that are releasing next year?

slutface1445d ago

i must say as a person who works almost 50 hours a week.....this is too much games for me lelz. I'm glad Sony pulled back from major announcements. If the SFV hadnt been leaked yesterday.....Sony would have broke the internet today with the announcement.

telekineticmantis1445d ago

That keynote was a complete waste of time, no big surprises at all. I knew Sony would fail. They could of easily quelled all the high expectations, but instead they kept gassing it, and now everyones disappointed smh. I saw a few DLC games I liked, the Forest game and the gang game, but they could of showed Uncharted and this Bloodbourne footage yesterday and saved the time . As always No Man's Sky was amazing, and Jaffe's game looks like this era's twisted metal, when it comes to the twisted enjoyment, but I wish he had sum real drawing mechanics, as a way to add some unexplored levels of creativity to the game.

Cupid_Viper_31445d ago

@ telekeneticmantis

"That keynote was a complete waste of time, no big surprises at all. I knew Sony would fail. They could of easily quelled all the high expectations, but instead they kept gassing it, and now everyones disappointed smh."

I guess using your "telekenetic powers" you were able to peek into everyone's mind and know that "everyone's disappointed?"

It is so stupid sometimes when people choose to speak before they think.

telekineticmantis1445d ago


I know what you meant, but it's called telepathy, you meant "use my telepathic powers". It's like the difference between Professor X(telepathy), and Jean Grey(telekinesis). Jean Grey moves solid objects with her mind.

Silly Mammo1445d ago

@tele- nice deflection! ;)

telekineticmantis1445d ago

@Silly Mammo

What Deflection?... I didn't need a deflection, nothing I said was challenged. What he said significantly more emotional of a response than a rebuttal...

Cupid_Viper_31445d ago

Ugh, thanks for the educational reply, but my original post was a play on your user name.... And Praying Mantis (Metal Gear Solid) but I guess that was a swoosh for you.

I'm well aware of what telepathy is.

And there's nothing emotional about my comment. It's actually you who made an emotional comment in regards to yours and everyone else's FEELINGS <----key word here.


Thanks for the civil reply I guess.

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ZeroX98761445d ago

Look at the schedule on Sunday at 4 p.m. PST " Secret Mystery Game live gameplay"

I'm hoping there's another reveal right there.

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slutface1445d ago

Drawn to Death looks promising!

DeadlyOreo1445d ago

I thought Drawn To Death looked amazing! Best part of the show for me.

AD7051445d ago

One genre I want to make a comeback is the Arena shooter and that looks like a game ccan can bring it back along side with UT4, toxicc, overwatch and many others. The arena shooter needs to return.

madmonkey011445d ago

i thought it looked massively pointless tbh, but hey some of the other stuff shown was cool.

nix1445d ago

it's quick paced mp game.

did anyone count how many games are coming out on 2015 alone?

madmonkey011445d ago

yeah i got what it was, i just thought it seemed lame. i didn't count how many games they had coming, it was loads, killing floor 2 looked most interesting of the new announcements.

showtimefolks1445d ago

I honestly thought they should have just shown cratos face on the screen and word GOD OF WAR no numbers And no other info

I thoug they let a huge moment slip pass them.

But other than that just WOW so many games shown. And love the fact show was closed by no man sky a indie title(Sony showing love to indie and showing respect) and than by a PlayStation legend David jaffe himself

I got one thought jaffe might announce a new God of war lol

markyboy21811445d ago

what santa monica studios showed AND media moducule was just downright embarrasing for sony what the f was it really about

LightDiego1445d ago (Edited 1445d ago )

I was expecting for the new God of War because of the t-shirt. lol
@LOL_WUT: from today i will "accept" that Crash Bandicoot will not return anymore, i always wait for it and always end up disappointed. Activision killed Crash Bandicoot and Spyro, just like they killed the Tony Hawk games.

LOL_WUT1445d ago (Edited 1445d ago )

Yeah very underwhelming also a no show for a possible Crash Bandicoot return ;)

Edit: @ below sure buddy...

nix1445d ago

not everyone wants to play old franchises.. the gaming community still is more talented than hollywood bunch which are rebooting nothing but old franchises. when that day comes you might wanna quit gaming forever.

aPerson1445d ago

Activision hasn't done anything with Crash other than publish 'Mind Over Mutant', which was near completion when they purchased the rights to the IP. I don't know why people blame Activision for the later Crash games. They actually haven't developed any Crash games other than Nitro Kart 2 for mobile, which was actually half-decent.

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