Double Fine bringing Gang Beasts, Broken Age to PlayStation

Double Fine Productions announced it is bringing Gang Beasts to PlayStation 4 and Broken Age to both PS4 and PS Vita at PlayStation Expeience in Las Vegas.

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nicksetzer11417d ago

Gang beasts looks freakin awesome. Looks like a really fun and whacky fighter. Completely unique too.

LordMaim1416d ago

Gang Beasts looks like a lot of fun. Especially for people who are too drunk to play Smash Bros.

Now I'm torn though, since I already have the first part of Broken Age on Steam. Might end up buying it twice.

3-4-51416d ago

Gang Beasts is like N64 Smash Brothers + GTA4.

Looks like pure fun.

LoveSpuds1416d ago

Loved what I saw of Gang Beasts when the GiantBomb guys play it on Unprofessional Fridays, it always, ALWAYS looked like a riot.

This event surpassed E3 for me, Sony are going to kill it over the next 12 months.

Yaay4me1416d ago

Gang Beasts, made me laugh. I wonder how you move them?

Rimeskeem1416d ago

Gang Beasts is going to be that game that all of my friends can play together and have a fun time.

stuna11416d ago

The machanics of this game are kind of like the ones in Kung fu Fighters on the PS3, which is a good thing. Game developers are going to be deep in my pockets next year.

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The story is too old to be commented.