Naughty Dog Clarifies Uncharted 4: A Thief's End PSX Gameplay "Death Into Infinite Graphic Glitch"

At PlayStation Experience event, Naughty Dog showcased first gameplay footage of Uncharted 4: A Thief's End running in Real-Time on PlayStation 4, as describe in our previous post: the gameplay was Phenomenal, however a big mistake Bruce Straley (he was playing the game LIVE On Stage) made "death into infinite graphic glitch" where Drake just fell through the world.

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nicksetzer11473d ago

It's alpha footage, who cares why it happened? If it happens after the game is released and fully complete then you can worry.

People get up in arms over the silliest things.

JoGam1473d ago

Somebody will try to discredit the demo. Glad they spoke about it.

ShinMaster1473d ago (Edited 1473d ago )

I think it added a genuine feel to the demo. No bs.

Besides, they have 1 year until release.

Yokan1473d ago

Thats what I was stating in the other comment section and you guys disagreed with me for no reason this game will come out late 2015 its still in development for goodness sake.

LOL_WUT1473d ago

That gameplay gave a whole new meaning to in realtime ;)

Soulscare1472d ago

Tbh, people always question if it's actually being played, or if it's prerecorded and someone picks up a controller pretending to play (like Ubisoft). But if anything, this proves that they were actually playing the game.

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styferion1473d ago

lol true
and thumbs up for showing realtime gameplay, not people act like they playing scripted gameplay.

JoGam1473d ago

I was actually glad it happened just because it showed realtime gameplay.

supes_241472d ago

Exactly. It also speaks volumes about Naughty Dogs confidence in their product and the size of their brass balls going live at an event like they did. Amazing and this is by far my most anticipated title for this entire nex gen.

Thatguy-3101473d ago

At least we know it was actual gameplay!

mark3214uk1473d ago

glitch aside those graphics were amazing

Clunkyd1472d ago

lol the only people making this a big deal are the salty fanboys.

Tzuno1472d ago

alpha means end footage, you play it and if there are problems they deliver patch, you test it and in top of that you pay 60$ :P

VforVideogames1472d ago (Edited 1472d ago )

Another broken game by Sony....... oh well. Graphics? nothing to see here.

Xbox_Z_best1472d ago

So glad HALO MCC ain't broken. Oh wait!
Lmao! Go play fighter within till halo gets fixed. Rofl!

QSPR1472d ago (Edited 1472d ago )

Tell me how's street fighter on xbox one?? Oh wait....

Clarence1472d ago

How's that Halo MC working out for you.? That's a full completed game right?

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n1kki61472d ago

The fact they even had to comment is ridiculous. It still blown my mind that gamers can't wrap their head around the fact that early demos might have some bugs. The problem comes when the retail title has bugs. Like AC, the crew, halo, etc...

ziggurcat1472d ago

and this isn't really a demo at this point - it was pre-alpha gameplay footage. pre-alpha is ridiculously early on in the development cycle.

n1kki61472d ago

Which makes the presentation even more impressive.

calis1472d ago

"If it happens after the game is released and fully complete then you can worry."

Even then? Who cares? It's not ruining the game experience. You're dead anyway.

Sharky2311472d ago

I agree! I can't believe that we're actually talking about this! That game is a year off and people are talking about a glitch in a build that's probably a few months old!

ziggurcat1472d ago


it was pre-alpha, actually.

anyone expecting to not see any bugs during pre-alpha, or even alpha stage gameplay footage are absolutely clueless about game development, and don't understand that games at this stage are littered with out of world bugs.

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Manic20141473d ago

No explanation needed, it's an alpha model and still in development.

UKmilitia1473d ago

lol people compaining about glitch in a alpha,jeez come on xbots try harder

Manic20141473d ago

Actually I don't see any fanboy's complaining.

Imalwaysright1473d ago

Exactly. I would only be worried if Uncharted was being made by Ubisoft.

UKmilitia1473d ago

@manic there are loads of xbotx in twitch chat

ABizzel11473d ago

OMG now we're going to tart complaining about a game being demoed, that has the warning "Alpha footage", from a game that's almost 1 year away.

Don't give the site the clicks it wants.

JoGam1473d ago

With Next Gen comes Next Gen Trolls. They will complain about anything.

dericb111473d ago

We aren't complaining. Its this website trying to start a flame war for not reason. Media please stop making flame bait headlines for hits.

Finalfantasykid1473d ago

If this was Ubisoft they would have released the game this year in its current state.

Septic1472d ago

Lmao! It's funny because it's true

Rimeskeem1473d ago

It showed that game was live. It's alpha footage so it all makes sense. It looks amazing and just like all the Uncharteds. Also anyone pick up on the brother?!