Yakuza 5 coming west this summer

Sega, together with Sony’s Third-Party Production group, is bringing Yakuza 5 to North America this summer.

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CocoWolfie1471d ago

ive probably been crying for like 90 years since i heard it annouced to come over here. im so happy. i really hope this comes to ps4.

killacal131471d ago

If there is enough support for it, it just might come to the Ps4, it's always about sales, so when it comes around tell your friends about it.

Amuro1471d ago

man I'm sooo happy right now I'm nearly crying and when it got announced I was trembling from the excitement. This PSX event has been insane so far. Best conference ever... And this is not hyperbole, this is the truth.

showtimefolks1471d ago

Thank you thank you thank you

I will buy it

yewles11471d ago

Can't... stop... crying...


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The story is too old to be commented.