Shovel Knight Coming to PS3, PS4, and Vita in 2015 With Exclusive Content

Hardcore Gamer: At today’s PlayStation Experience in Las Vegas, it was announced that Yacht Club Games’ indie sensation Shovel Knight will be available across all PlayStation platforms in 2015.

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mikeslemonade1417d ago

Kratos in the game for those who didn't click the link.

RosweeSon1416d ago

Looks amazing but we only got it in the U.K. About 2-3 weeks ago and downloaded it on both 3ds and wii u, got a discount for cross buy and 10% back on my wii u purchase ;) think I'll just wait for this one to go to ps+ with a bit of luck ;)

lodossrage1416d ago

that's part of the problem. Too many people assume certain games will be on plus at some point. Sometimes it happens, sometimes it doesn't.

But in your case, I'd hope for a free Plus version too since you JUST paid for the game on the Wii U already. I'd do the same if I were in your shoes.

RosweeSon1416d ago

Yeah normally I'd be happy to pay for it, more than happy but having just bought it on 3DS/Wii u and still not got round to paying can't justify it on the vita or ps4 at the moment but think it'll go up with a deal or on ps+ by the summer, looks like a great game tho and if not already purchased jump in, what's a few quid £5-10 for a top notch game ;) but yeah as its a bit late to the party rather than say no it's not launching at all Sony will probably/hopefully pop it up on ps+ but yeah always happy to support good games. Just harder to do so at this time of year with the sheer amount of them ;) but yeah think Vita would be a perfect fit guess I'll find out when I finally get round to it.

dboyman1416d ago (Edited 1416d ago )

Is it cross buy for the Playstation platforms?

lodossrage1416d ago

I remember when this was first announced for the Wii U, I was saying to myself "I'm shocked this isn't going to the Playstation considering all the indie love they give."

I'm happy it's coming to the PS ecosystem now though because I wanted to play this for the longest. And nothing against the Wii U, but I'd rather play this on a PS controller.

Jubez1871416d ago

Damn this, The banner Saga, Bastion, the new Fat Princess, Dungeon Defenders 2. It never stops...

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