Street Fighter V Confirmed as PS4 Console Exclusive, First Footage Released

This morning at the PlayStation Experience Keynote, Street Fighter V was confirmed as a PS4 console Exclusive. The news came after teasing it earlier in the show with the announcement of Ultra Street Fighter IV. The game will feature PC/PS4 cross platform play for the first time in the series history. More details will be shared on December 13. Additionally, two videos including the first trailer and gameplay were shown.

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LOGICWINS1295d ago

Happy for Sony! Hopefully they can create a game thats more welcoming to newcomers than 4 was.

Ballsack1295d ago

Dang.... Sony confirmed it as a LIFETIME exclusive to

ForzaGT1295d ago

Trailer brings so much memories

GiggMan1295d ago

It is cool how they clarify that though. No misleading wording at all.

darthv721295d ago

No mention of Turbo or Super or Ultra in their lifetime exclusive though.

Its Capcom. know they will make other versions.

LonDonE1295d ago

they also confirmed that Sony is actively part of the development process so that coupled with the flat out announcement that its s lifetime exclusive means its ONLY ON PS4!!!!

I feel bad for the xbox only gamers, at least with tomb raider playstation fans will eventually get it! but with SFV NO WAY!! for xbox fans!

This makes me wonder now if a super/turbo/ultra edition will make it to x1, i hope so after all its capcom we are talking about!
Thing is though i actually applaud Sony for getting this, its a master stroke, this coupled with the newly announced godzilla game Japan should be in the bag for Sony!

Street fighter and godzilla, and yakuza and Japan is all sown up.
The fact that Sony said they are involved in the development may mean street fighter is playstation only i doubt it thought.
Either way as much as i hate third party exclusives if it has to be done this is how it should be executed! lifetime true exclusive or nothing at all! Microsoft needs to aim higher, stop with the temporary timed exclusives and aim for life time or nothing at all!

LOGICWINS1295d ago

"I feel bad for the xbox only gamers, at least with tomb raider playstation fans will eventually get it! but with SFV NO WAY!! for xbox fans!" old are you?

PraxxtorCruel1295d ago (Edited 1295d ago )

Can I be the first one to say...

Street Fighter V Super Duper Ultra Edition on XB1 with all DLC included.

BattleAxe1295d ago

Looks like the PC is really the place to play this generation. Whether it's Titanfall or Street Fighter V, you can play them on PC.

Magicite1295d ago

they dont toy around like MS does.

bouzebbal1295d ago

i loved how the nervous the gameplay looks.

Prototype_79L1295d ago

It is lifetime exclusive because of the cross play. This is exactly the same reason why there is not a FFXIV port for Xbox. MS is too butthurt to allow the cross play with different platforms, so this exclusivity has nothing to do with sony paying up. It is simply their own stubborn rules. Dont hate sony for this, it is MS's shit.

BX811295d ago (Edited 1295d ago )

Wait I thought it was for pc too? Are u just refering to consoles? Either way day 1. I suck at streetfighter but I have to get em all. Reminds me of my childhood. 12 kids and a 19 inch tv.

user55757081295d ago

the exclusivity is great in my opinion because the xbox controllers were never well suited for most fighting games.

troylazlow1294d ago

Tomb raider all over again. Why is it ok now?

jrshankill1294d ago (Edited 1294d ago )

Again, you would have to be a total r-tard if you think an updated version will not come to xbox one.

Look at Street Fighter 2 Turbo / Special Championship Edition for a prime example.

Hypocrisy from Sony fanboys after the Tomb Raider debacle. So it's all ok now?

ShinMaster1294d ago

@ troylazlow
@ jrshankill

Because Sony is aiding in the game's developement. Last year Street Fighter's game director said they didn't have the R&D budget for a brand new SF game. And now they do. Because they apporached Sony. And now the game exists.

Does that answer your question?

LonDonE1294d ago

LOL salty much? what's my age have to do with anything i said? and by the way i am 31yrs old! probably old enough to be your dad! so GTFO!

My comment must of struck a nerve, its ok work harder and buy all platforms like me! that way this kind of thing wont effect you at all.
SFV is a life time EXCLUSIVE TO PS4!#DealWithIT!
Don't bother with any replies because i will be too busy playing on my PS4,X1,WiiU and PC.

LOGICWINS1294d ago


Why would I be salty about a game becoming exclusive to the platform I own? A game I'm most likely not buying any way since I sucked at SF4 and sold it back two days later lol.

I wanted to know your age because you come off as a child in your comments. We're talking about videogames buddy. You act as if Xbox only gamers are so distraught by if gaming is that serious.

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XtraTrstrL1295d ago

Years ago, when 4 was releasing, they mentioned Focus Attacks were suppose to be the welcoming factor. They also mentioned that 5 was suppose to be more for hardcore gamers and not necessarily have such a function in it. Though, Capcom doesn't always stick to its words, so maybe 5 will also have some functions in it to make it easier for beginners. I just hope they don't ruin the game by trying to broaden it's audience the way they've done with so many other of their beloved franchises over the years.

mediate-this1295d ago

Streetfighter will always do good, its the only series where beginners are not needed. It has a huge following, a huge community, tournaments almost year round.

Beginners just kill it, and i hope this street fighter has a deep learning curve. This game is going to get alot of people to buy ps4 for sure.

LackTrue4K1295d ago

Where are the haters saying that the PlayStation 4 has no games @...? Haha

Sitdown1295d ago

Why I don't agree with the sentiments of the ps4 having no games, I think that it's crazy for you to make that statement on this thread given we have no clue of a release date for this have. In addition, why feel the need to invite in the haters.


Well as of today...the ps4 hasn't had very man new next gen games, so those "haters" would be somewhat accurate. Also from what I am hearing, SF 5 is not coming out until 2018.

showtimefolks1295d ago

Sony of 2014 have their swag back from ps1-2 era. They are confident and really connecting with games. Tim shefter at stage is always awesome.

SF5 lifetime exclusive now that's just ruthless

I have a feeling Sony buying capcom is about to happen very soon. No insides sources it's just my gut feeling. And before I am told Sony has no money, please do some research. Sony has so many assests that they could basically loose billions for over a decade yet stay in business and stay strong.(BTW not saying Sony will keep loosing money, in fact I think sony's better days are ahead) n

Ps4 where gamers come to play for FPS,to best sports title like MLb the show to best adventure games like Uncharted 4 and hardcore titles like Bloodborne

Sony is covering ground from indies to biggest blockbusters and everything in between. And there were some who thought MS/Xbox one has any chance of catching Sony. This may end up like ps2 all over again

Majin-vegeta1294d ago

You want them to dumb down the gameplay just cuz you can't take sometime to get your butt in the training room and learn the basics of a fighting game??GTFO No one in the fighting community was born with a fighting gift.I'm sure everyone that is good at these games PRACTICED,PRACTICED,PRACTICED. So I suggest you do the same instead of wanting the game to be dumbed down.

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kingtroy1295d ago

Cross play between PS4 and PC Woot!!!

killacal131295d ago

I love that idea! I wish to play against any console but, alas, the world will never be ready.

q8kik1295d ago

Looking forward to owning some pc scrubs :p

nX1295d ago

"Playstation 4 is the only console this game will ever come out on"

That was straight out ruthless.

killacal131295d ago

Shots fired, and none missed the target!

slutface1295d ago

When Sony's bullseye

q8kik1295d ago

The weird part when Ono said that they (Capcom) reached out to Sony and not the other way around.

Makes me wonder what kind of financial trouble they're in.

Razjin1295d ago

Nah it's just personal preference if you go by your logic than Microsoft was the better choice.

q8kik1295d ago

Nope, logic dictates that SF is very popular in Japan and so is the PS brand, but the Xbox isn't.
They had to go with Sony for financial aid so that they don't loose all those sales in Japan by going with MS.

troylazlow1294d ago

What about the ultra edition?

gamer78041294d ago

Except for the arcade , ultra, alpha, turbo, ex versions lol. Those will be in all platforms

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Godmars2901295d ago

They're really going to do that? Make it console "exclusive"?

Even straight from Capcom I don't believe it.

nucky641295d ago

no - it's coming to ps4 AND pc.

MasterCornholio1295d ago (Edited 1295d ago )

PC is not a console.



According to your logic Street Fighter 5 is a multiplatform game that's a console exclusive on the PS4. Which is correct. I never mentioned the XB1 so why did you bring it up?

PraxxtorCruel1295d ago (Edited 1295d ago )


PC is a console on this site when the XB1 has an exclusive. So going by N4G logic it's multiplatform.

@Master's Edit:

Remember Titanfall or did you forget already?

MasterCornholio1295d ago (Edited 1295d ago )



You mean that multiplatform game thats available on the PC, Xbox 360 and Xbox One?

That isn't a console exclusive since it's available on two consoles.

If Street Fighter V was available on PS3 as well I wouldn't call it a console exclusive.

For me console exclusive means only available on one console.

You never see me calling MLB 15 a console exclusive since it will be available on the PS3, PS4 and Vita.

DigitalRaptor1295d ago (Edited 1295d ago )

Adam Boyes: "PS4 will be the only console Street Fighter V will EVER appear on".

What did I tell you guys? PERMANENT exclusive. Not bulls**t timed. Complete honesty from Sony. Them and Capcom working together, on features such as Cross-platform play.

Something you would never see from Microsoft. So maybe the helps explain it a bit better too.

@ Dudebro90

Excuse me?

I'm shedding light to another reason why even if Xbox fans are upset by this exclusivity, the game would not have had cross-platform play between consoles/PC like was just announced. Just another piece of reasoning. And it has everything to do with the comparisons people have been making to try and expose hypocrisy.

Dudebro901295d ago

Has nothing to do with Microsoft...

Your agenda is showing.

torchic1295d ago (Edited 1295d ago )

Microsoft lied to us and told us Titanfall was exclusive but it was coming to PS4 til they bought it out eventually later on.

they showed off so hard about Rise of the Tomb Raider being exclusive til we found out it was timed.

you can clearly see what this has to do with Microsoft

Manic20141295d ago

MS never lied, They stated the game is console exclusive. Never stated anything about the sequels etc


MS NEVER allowed cross platform play? Final Fantasy 11 would like a word with you...

Sitdown1295d ago

Complete honesty from Sony? Love gaming, but don't be ignorant.

DigitalRaptor1295d ago

Tell me how Sony haven't been honest here?

Adam Boyes just said that it's a permanent console exclusive. Not lying through their teeth, not letting their employees go on Twitter further lying that it's exclusive. No smoke and mirrors. Just honesty.

DemonChicken1295d ago (Edited 1295d ago )

There is a difference guys for moneyhatting via TR on Microsoft compared with Sony who is involved with production to make this game happen

AND on PC with cross platform play

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