Need for Speed: Most Wanted, Mirror’s Edge, and PvZ: Garden Warfare free on PSN

To celebrate PlayStation’s 20th anniversary, Electronic Arts is giving away three games free on PlayStation Network.

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Blastoise1106d ago

This is awesome. Sucks for those who got PVZ & Need For Speed Vita in a sale recently though

UKmilitia1106d ago (Edited 1106d ago )

i nearly bought it other day too,glad i held out,even if it was only £13.
maybe sony will give them some store credit to make up for it??

because Sony knew at the time this was gonna happen surely?

can i just ask when is noon?
im in UK thats all and unsure what time it will be unlocked.

Ra30301106d ago

Noon pst would be around 9pm for you in the UK. I may be off an hour. Those games will be available through Sunday...I think.

Exari1106d ago

EA giving free games? and on playstation devices? thats weird... but its also really awesome

G20WLY1106d ago

You have until 8pm Sunday in the UK.

I was surprised to learn that this works for UK as well as US. I'm assuming that it works for the rest of Europe as well then - maybe even for all PlayStation owners regardless of region?

They didn't make that very clear. If in doubt, get on and try. You'll have to search for each game, as there doesn't appear to be any banner advertising this amazing deal as you go into the store, strange as that may be...


admiralvic1106d ago

"Sucks for those who got PVZ"

Yup. I am so bored that I sort of want to see what the statical odds of the two PS4 retail games I've bought digitally (Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare and Injustice) going free are. But anyway, nice deal for those who don't have the games.

Gamer19821106d ago

available NOW! I just got all 3 :) Had PVZ on PC but not bad for free :)

1nsomniac1106d ago (Edited 1106d ago )

Absolutely gutted I bought PvZ last week.

To be fair though I didn't have huge hopes for it just bought it on a wim as I thought it was just a kids game & bought it because my niece talked me into it.

How wrong was I, it's absolutely awesome & worth the money. Can't recommend it enough & if your getting it for free you owe it to yourself to try it!

jocomat91106d ago (Edited 1106d ago )

my personal GOTY actually. have over 300 hours put into it and im still playing it

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DigitalRaptor1106d ago


Great stuff. You surprised me EA.

UKmilitia1106d ago

there making the most of UBISHAFT

MNGamer-N1106d ago

Just bought PvZ on sale for black Friday DOH! Hope I saved my receipt...

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