The Forest Announced for the PS4, Coming in 2015

OnlySP: The Forest announced for the PS4.

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davekaos1445d ago

As a PC gamer who also owns a PS4 i can honestly say this is a game to look forward to!!

Frighteningly intense is the only way i can describe it

Ashunderfire861445d ago

Probably scarier than Alien Isolation can't wait I am a big horror fan.

freshslicepizza1445d ago

looks very cool, love the music

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IGiveHugs2NakedWomen1445d ago

That's hot. Another horror game incoming.

PockyKing1445d ago

Having played it on Steam, the game is super intense. Think Alien: Isolation with multiple cannibals hiding in the trees waiting to pounce on you, or watching you while you build your base in the night.

DigitalRaptor1445d ago

Good lord! Fantastic news!!

ABizzel11445d ago

I had an idea for a game very similar to this but bigger, so it's instantly a buy for me.

Sm00thNinja1445d ago

Game needs to come out of alpha first!! Slowly becoming a PlayStation fan tbh

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The story is too old to be commented.