SCE San Diego Annouces Free-to-Play Title Kill Strain

Hardcore Gamer: We finally know what Kill Strain is, being that we knew for the better part of a title with that name was in development due to a trademark discovery early this year.. Sony San Diego, famous for their MLB: The Show franchise, has announced that their second development team is putting out a free-to-play top-down multiplayer shooter in the next year.

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Ninver1470d ago

Awesome! More games for the ps4. The "no games" argument is dead. Wonder what the fannyboys will think of next.

LackTrue4K1470d ago

I was getting realy hyped for this game. Dam!! All the info and concept art in the background look awesome the only thing missing was the trailer.

Palitera1470d ago

The argument is no great games.

This one is f2p so it has ZERO chance of being great.

MysticStrummer1469d ago

False, but thanks for playing and better luck next time!

bonafide7321470d ago

The 5 vs 5 vs 5 concept has peaked my interest.

killacal131470d ago

I want all the games! I'm loving my Ps4.