New Area 'Chalice Dungeon' Announced for Bloodborne

A new area in Bloodborne was today announced called Chalice Dungeon.

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ValKilmer1080d ago

This game just keeps looking better and better.

killacal131080d ago

This game, in myopinion will be the greatest game for next year. I am so excited for this game, recomending it to all my friends.

nucky641080d ago

miyazaki came to the show! and what a display....can't wait for bloodborne!!!

gamerfan09091080d ago ShowReplies(2)
OzzY-waZZy1080d ago

This is my most anticipated game of next year. Looks nothing short of brilliant! Keep it up Sony!

killacal131080d ago

I have a question, is it randomly generated dungeons or is it changing depending on how you progress the story?

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