Editorial: Matt Damon Sabotaged Bourne Conspiracy?

One of the most popular spy movie franchises of all time has been the recent emergence of Robert Ludlum's Jason Bourne. All three movies have managed to succumb to the escalation of iconic status. So like any popular movie-based franchise, the video game world was more than adept to take on the task of replicating the stern-faced spy...only, they managed to replicate everything but the spy.

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Fototherapist3820d ago

it sounds like another case of the primadonna blues. However, most of the reviews I've encountered were lackluster at best.

morganfell3820d ago (Edited 3820d ago )

Matt Damon didn't sabotage the game, the crappy game sabotaged the game. Especially with Damon having decided to do a 4th film.

Ridiculous timed button presses that show up out of the blue, maps with 90% unusable terrain because our acrobatic hero can't jump over a 3 foot box, linearity in a game that makes a shoestring look like a path to freedom, and a badly hampered fighting system (nothing like letting the AI do combos that the game's badass expert fighting protagonist can't). Huge gaps of time needed between a kick and a punch are inexcusable. Especially considering the AI didn't have to wait.

This sounds like a secret High Moon campaign to explain why their game was junk.

Zeevious3820d ago (Edited 3820d ago )

exactly what I was thinking.

Damon didn't sabotage anything. While I think him wanting an all-pacifist approach to a Bourne game is pretty silly...we didn't need a mediocre shooter with all the faults mentioned either.

Oh, and stop reading my mind! It's in-Game Xmb, not in-BRAIN!
(Wait, that's tomorrow...darn, did I leave my brain hooked up to Live again?)

ban fans3820d ago

And I also think this stuff about him wanting the game to be like myst and non-violent is bull. I mean the reference was a rumor circulating on the MTV blog? Oh, that's a reliable source! I think it is more likely that he didn't want to spend the time doing it. Some actors don't want to get involved and that's fine. The game just isn't put together well. Par for the course with movie to game adaptations.